Bean Envy Milk Frother for Coffee Review – Handheld, Mini Electric Drink Mixer

Get yourself a modern sleek smooth milk frother to help make your coffee exciting. This Bean Envy Modern Battery Milk Frother is so cool. You are going to want more than one.
With the hand-held ease and the battery operation, you can have one for your office and one at home. You might even need one spare one because people will want to use your milk frother when they see how much you are enjoying your coffee.


A good milk froth is made by an excellent coil. The stainless-steel coil on the Bean Envy milk frother is well made. It is strong and durable. Stainless steel helps the bean Envy make you many good milk froths for a long time.
The powerful coil helps the milk frother make a fluffy delicious milk froth to enjoy in your coffee. You can have milk froth morning noon and night with the Bean Envy milk frother.
It is nice to know when a company stands behind its product. Bean Envy wants you to be totally satisfied with your milk frother. Bean Envy will give your money back for the best milk frother if you are not totally satisfied. The company has a friendly staff to help you with your milk frothing needs and concerns.
All you must do to clean up is run the coil under the tap water. It is best to do this directly after you use the milk frother. This prevents milk from drying. Dry milk is more difficult to get off.


The stainless steel is easy to clean with steel wool if perhaps you forget to clean the milk frother. You are covered for cleaning no matter what. The only thing you cannot do is put the Bean Envy milk frother in the dishwasher, but it is easy to clean regardless.
The advantage to a battery-operated hand-held milk frother is you do not have to worry about finding a plug. The Bean Envy milk frother has a 19,000-rpm power motor speed with just the two AA batteries. The milk frother is easy to use, lightweight, and just fits right into a small bowl or even a coffee cup itself, if you want.
One of the best parts of the Bean Envy milk frother is the way it looks. The black and chrome color scheme is right in line with today’s kitchen standards. The design will fit any kitchen design.


The actual look of the Bean Envy milk frother is almost like something from a spaceship, making it even cooler to use. Also included in the package is a lovely chrome-colored stand that your milk frother can lean on. This makes the milk frother save you a lot of space in your kitchen.
For a milk frother that looks this good, you will not believe the price. For under fifteen dollars this milk frother can be on your kitchen counter as soon as you want. The price is great, the power is amazing, and the durability is comparable to other well-made milk frothers.
Why pay fifty dollars for a product that you can pay under 15.00 and get similar results. The Bean Envy milk frother will impress you.
All these other reasons are good to buy the Bean Envy milk frother, but the most important reason is excellent milk froth. The Bean Envy milk frother makes a delicious creamy whipped milk froth.


If you have never tried coffee with milk froth, this is the perfect product for you. Milk with coffee is good, but old-school. It is time to come into the 21st century of coffee making and get yourself a milk frother.
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 The Bean Envy milk frother is a great starter milk frother. You can literally take it with you wherever you go. The design is solid on the Bean Envy milk frother. The bean Envy milk frother comes highly recommended and is a simple kitchen appliance that will make your coffee taste better than it has ever tasted before. Order your bean envy milk frother today and start having gourmet coffee right in the comfort of your own home.