BenefitMall PayFocus Review

This online payroll service offers a dedicated help desk for support with Affordable Care Act compliance.

CONS: The software doesn’t let you set up payroll reminders.

VERDICT: BenefitMall PayFocus Full Service offers well-rounded payroll software alongside great service options for running your payroll and taxes.

BenefitMall PayFocus Full Service offers an online payroll service for businesses of various sizes, including small businesses. BenefitMall is a specialist in workforce management services and software. PayFocus, the online payroll software you use alongside the services, lets you run multiple payroll reports. Included in these reports is an informational report related to the Affordable Care Act, so you can check your business’s status in compliance. The payroll service tracks accruals, and you can set up multiple deductions, garnishments, earnings and departments. However, you can’t set up payroll reminders with this service.

This payroll management service also handles your payroll taxes. The company guarantees that it will file and pay your business’s payroll taxes correctly to the best of its abilities. It also reports new employees appropriately. At the end of the year, this service electronically files W-2s and 1099s, which you and your employees can then view online. If your business prefers these forms printed out and sent, the service can do so for a minimal fee per form.

BenefitMall charges by payroll, so you can run as many payrolls as you need during the month. The PayFocus system lets you pay hourly, salaried and contracted employees. You can distribute paychecks by direct deposit in up to four accounts for each employee. You also have the option of setting up on-site check printing so you can print and distribute the checks yourself. If you prefer to have the service take care of checks, you can opt for it to do check signing and stuffing.

Another pay option you can use is the Skylight PayOptions program. You don’t have to pay an additional fee to start the program. It lets you deposit paychecks directly to a pay card, which your employees can then use like a regular debit card.

BenefitMall offers several help and support resources. You can contact the company by phone or by email, and your account is assigned a dedicated account specialist. The company’s website and payroll software also provide several online resources, such as FAQs and payroll calculators.


BenefitMall PayFocus Full Service offers a great web-based payroll solution that competes well with other online payroll companies. The company gives you the option of several quick and convenient pay options, such as on-site check printing, direct deposit and the company’s version of pay cards. You also have access to Affordable Care Act support, so you can make sure your business is compliant with government regulations. Overall, PayFocus Full Service offers great capabilities for business payroll and tax management.