Best Air Purifier

Do you have space with poor ventilation such as a school classroom or do you want, in addition to airing it, as recommended, a best air purifier to reduce the concentration of possible aerosols with viruses such as COVID19 or influenza?

Do you smoke, do you have an open kitchen, and your house sometimes smells?

In addition to checking that your air cleaner has a truly approved HEPA filter and that the size of your stay is adequate for its power, I recommend that you read the opinions of users who have already bought and tested the purifier you want to buy at home.

To carry out this ranking, we have also taken into account parameters such as noise, size, portability, or energy consumption, since each factor can be decisive.

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We are facing a reasonably light air cleaner from the Chinese giant Xiaomi. And it is that with only 4.5 kg of weight and 24 cm wide, which makes it very portable and you can move it without difficulty despite not having wheels.

The Shark HE601 HEPA is one of the best quality-price purifiers; that is why it is one of the TOP sales in the market. Its competitive price and its compliant green filter make it one of the best sellers.

It has a Shark HE601 HEPA filter with 3 layers: one for hair and dust that traps particles down to 0.3 microns, including particles of tobacco smoke or kitchen smoke, pet dander, pollen even pathogenic bacteria and a third layer to absorb the formaldehyde and other harmful environmental products

When it is time to change the filter, the Xiaomi app will notify your mobile that it is time to buy another.

It is also capable of filtering 310 m3 / h, it is ideal for rooms up to 37 m2 and its peculiar operation makes it more potent at the same sound level as its competitors. Inspired by aircraft engines, its system creates aerodynamic pressure directed into the base and expels air upward with great force.

It is a very quiet model and hardly generates noise when operating with 34 decibels, making it an excellent choice to a place near the children’s room and not interrupt their rest.

Finally, if your room is more extensive, Xiaomi has a better version for houses with rooms of up to 60 m2 and with a purifying capacity of 500 m3 / h for just over 40 dollars. It has a display screen and you can manage its operation from your mobile with the Shark HE601 app thanks to its Wi-Fi connection.

  • Its silent mode with the maintenance of adequate power
  • Has automatic shutdown
  • 3-layer HEPA filter
  • Wheels are purchased separately, although it does not weigh much
  • Its filter is very bulky, the spare parts in the closet take up space

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Rowenta is one of the reference brands in air cleaners and dehumidifiers and the PU4020 is no exception. It is practical and offers performance and power above the average. This makes it one of the best-selling air purifiers on the market and with the best opinions.

It stands out for being especially suitable for people with allergy or asthma problems since it has the recommendation as well as being ideal for homes with pets, cat hair or dog dander, thanks at its 4 levels of filtration:

  • First: pre-filter (powder, human/animal hair)
  • Second: active carbon filter (odors, fumes)
  • Third: HEPA H13 high-efficiency filter
  • Fourth: Nano Captur filter to permanently destroy the formaldehyde present in habitual contamination, achieving a safer and healthier stay

It can process 345 m3 / air per hour, so it is ideal for rooms up to 60 m2. If you need more power because your rooms are up to 120 or 140 m2 you have models for each volume.

It stands out for being one of the quietest devices (22 dB in its minimum speed and does not exceed 45 decibels in its maximum speed), making it very suitable for use in sleeping rooms thanks to its night mode thus guaranteeing optimal night breaks.

It also has an intelligent system that indicates the level of contamination with a color code on its LED screen—blue light: pure air, purple light: pollution, red light: high pollution.

  • Good price with excellent quality
  • too quiet
  • It tells you when to change the filter, both ODOR, and HEPA
  • Its timer allows you to program it to turn off whenever you want as well as to program its start-up and adapt them to your arrival home
  • Its night mode with quieter speed and dimmer light guarantees not to interfere with your children’s sleep
  • It does not have wheels, you will have to move by hand but it is not very heavy with 5.7 kg
  • Night mode falls short on power

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Levoit is a top-selling American brand in home appliances to improve air quality that with the LEVOIT Core200, has nailed it. The Core300 is a machine that purifies your air of the best price, cheap but with outstanding quality in its operation. It does not use UV or ions on purpose so as not to generate ozone traces. Its CADR of 187 m3 / h makes it ideal for rooms up to 40 m2.

Its strong point is its 3 levels of filtration for the price it has:

  • Pre-filter that traps human and animal hair as well as the thickest particles
  • High-efficiency true HEPA filter that filters out 99.97% of fine dust, pollen, flower trees and PM2.5 contamination
  • Active carbon filter that neutralizes odors when cooking or smoking.

The filter is changed every 6 months.

The Levoit Core300 has received the Design Award 2020 for its minimalist design that integrates perfect performance. All without reaching 150 euros without an offer, it compensates much more clearly when it is with a discount.

The 25 db at low speed allows you a good rest and good sleep without discomfort. It is true that more noise at a higher speed, but it cleans more efficiently and faster. Its low price does not conflict with a wide range of cleaning modes: low, medium and high level allows you to adapt its use to owners’ stays with animals, tobacco smoke, babies and children with allergies, and a maximum of 48 db at full capacity, one of the lowest noise on the market and the ones that spend the least on electricity since it only uses 33W.

We like its pleasant blue light on its surface with 2 brightness settings that create an enjoyable sleeping environment. Finally, its compact size stands out, perfect for medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, apartments, offices and studios.

Levoit has models for larger rooms with higher powers such as the LVPUR131 if your place of use of up to 55 m2 with excellent performance, being an option in these cases.

  • Its low price with very efficient filtering with H13 filter
  • Its weight does not reach 3.5 kg
  • Modern design and adaptable to any room
  • Your instruction book in Spanish is perfect
  • Very easy and straightforward to use
  • Blue light cannot be turned off

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This LEVOIT model can filter up to 333 m3 / hour, covering an area of up to 79 m2, and we liked it for its ease of use and power.

The LEVOIT is especially striking in the market for its numerical indicator on the top of PM2.5 and its 4-color ring that allows you to know the air quality in your room in real-time thanks to its AeraSense system. Airsense is a specific Philips sensor that can identify the finest particles in your space with great precision, even smaller than pm2.5, including the most common allergens. It processes this information and adapts in real-time to the degree of pollutants, modifying its operation autonomously

It has 3 automatic purification modes:

  • a general way
  • an extra sensitive method for allergens
  • and a more powerful model for bacteria and viruses

Do you want more? The LEVOIT allows you to customize and optimize the purification of your space according to your needs.

Also, it also alerts you to change the filter, thanks to its Healthy Air Protect system. It even calculates precisely according to the level of pollution in your room, airflow and operating time. If it is not replaced immediately, the device stops working so as not to purify ineffectively.

It is one of the most effective to eliminate tobacco smoke at home for smokers.

  • Its silent mode does not exceed 21 db being like a whisper
  • Aerodynamic design enhances more efficient airflow
  • It is capable of filtering ultrafine particles down to 0.02 microns
  • Its rotation system allows you to reach all corners of the room better
  • Its LED light is somewhat intense and in night mode it can disturb

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With the Dyson devices, we enter the high-end air purifiers considered as the Porsche of machines to improve your air, yes, at a higher price.

The Dyson is a leader in household appliances such as fans and the Hot + Cool Link it has brought together the best of both technologies. This model is inside the air purifying fans.

For example, in summer or hot climates you can use its fan function keeping your house cool and at the same time air of the best quality and very healthy and in winter with its heating function without blades, you will also have the best air in your home.

You only want to purify air without cold or heat? Well, it also has this function: it will only act as a machine to filter and improve your air.

Dyson technology’s highlight is its Air multiplier system, capable of expelling 28 liters of air per second through its 2.5 mm thin opening in the rim and induction and entrainment, the surrounding air is entrained towards the airflow. Result: smooth, constant and uniform air-jet without the uncomfortable gusts created by the blades of conventional fans

Its heating function allows you to select between 1 and 37 degrees and achieve the exact temperature you want your room to be. With this airflow technology, it is one of the safest heating fans on the market as it does not have blades that could accidentally injure the little ones and stops when it falls.

Its Asthma Allergy Friendly certificate lists it as the optimal purifier for people with asthma, rhinitis or atopic dermatitis by minimizing allergenic particles in the air. In short, purify your stay all year round and also with the plus of refreshing your stay in summer and heating in winter

  • In addition to purifying, fan and heater function
  • You will not give yourself a burning smell like other heaters
  • One of the most effective air purifiers for allergic patients
  • Modern design that serves as decoration
  • High price: it is 3 in 1 function

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If you are looking for a small, portable and effective air purifier the Philips AC0820 / 10 is for you.

It’s design and portability make it ideal for your office table, your study or to take it to the apartment. And we are facing a Philips quality device for tight pockets. With only 2.4 kg and small size, the Philips becomes an ideal purifying machine to move from one place to another.

On top of the office table or in your kitchen, it will improve your air and thus optimize your performance. At the same time, you study or work on your nightstand, achieving perfect air quality for your rest with sleep mode, since it can eliminate 99.5% of allergens.

Its minimalist and modern design with neutral aesthetics makes it very ideal in any decoration and it will not clash for years. We can say that it is one of the silent purifiers except for its turbo speed due to a large amount of air it expels, but at low rates and “sleep” mode you don’t even notice.

Despite its compact size, it can filter rooms up to 49 m2, cleaning your room in 38 minutes thanks to its capacity to process 190m3 / H and 20 m2 in 16 minutes more than other larger devices and higher prices.

In short, a small, efficient and very portable Philips device that keeps the air in your home clean compactly and simply without breaking the bank.

  • Its compact size
  • Its modern and minimalist aesthetic
  • Its power and silence in such a small device
  • Its filter is HEPA only, it only filters particles, no odors or gases

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Delonghi is one of the reference brands in purifiers and dehumidifiers and leaders in coffee makers, and this AriaDry Light DNC65 NP1027 is no exception. The Aria is practical and offers benefits that the rest of the purifiers do not have.

In a strict sense, it is not an air purifier as complete as the rest that has several filters for odors, allergens, bacteria, gases, and formaldehyde.

The Delonghi purifies the air through its washable dust filter that traps pollutant particles and allergens and thanks to its ionizer that fills the air with healthy ions, along with another antibacterial filter that eliminates dust and bacteria.

But yes, if your goal is to complete the treatment of allergies or respiratory problems, this is not your device; we recommend the improved version for allergy sufferers, the daylight DNS 80, cheaper and with the recognized certificate of the Standard Allergy foundation.

But for the rest of the cases, in which you want to improve the quality of your air and incidentally have humidity problems, without a doubt the Aria DRY light is your machine.

Its Zeolite system effectively removes moisture from your room with a dehumidifier capacity of 16 l / 24 h, the water removed from the environment accumulates in its 2.8 L capacity tank that is easily removable for emptying, thanks to its level indicator water and transparent tank.

It is completed by its function of drying clothes, which in places with more constant rainy weather is a plus.

It is a silent model (34db) which makes it especially suitable for use at night, and it has the option of drying the clothes that you hang near it. Its reduced and compact 19 cm wide design allows it not to occupy or disturb the room where you must work.

  • Its dehumidifier function
  • Allows clothes to dry
  • Its compact and lightweight design
  • Its ionizer will enable you to fill the air in your room with healthy negative ions
  • Its air filtering capacity, like pure purifiers, is not as effective
  • Despite not having wheels for its transfer, its low weight of 6 kg and the handles of its design make it easily transportable
  • Consumption 500 w

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Of course, the Spanish giant Cecotec joins its Conga robot vacuum cleaner. The Mambo kitchen robot is a good quality air purifier at a competitive price, the Hathaspace Smart Pure 5000 Connected model.

Cecotec has produced a single model with three powers for three different dimensions of the rooms or rooms to clean the air. Only the number changes, the higher the CADR number.

  • Total Pure 2500 Connected: for rooms up to 63 m3 with a filtration capacity and clean the air of 200 m3 / h. Ideal for a bedroom or living outings.
  • Total Pure 5000 Connected: for rooms up to 130 m3 with a filtration capacity and clean the air of 400 m3 / h. Ideal for a medium room or medium dining room
  • Total Pure 7500 Connected: for rooms up to 200 m3 with a filtration capacity and clean the air of 600 m3 / h. Ideal for a bedroom or living outings.

The three purifiers are equipped with 3 types of filters: pre-filter, active carbon filter and high-efficiency filter, so if you adjust the dimensions of your room well to the power of your Cecotec device, you will have clean air with allergens and pollutants.

The good thing about this purifier is that it has Wi-Fi control so that from your smartphone, you can select the most adjusted type of configuration on your handles and it measures the data of your stay precisely.

At the same time, you will be able to see all this information on its LED screen and see how it changes as the purifier filters the particles from your environment.

It should be noted that on this LED screen, you can also see the temperature and degrees of humidity in your room at a glance thanks to its integrated hygrometer and thermometer.

Also, its 53 dB of noise at maximum power makes it one of the best purifiers. They adapt to day and night and are less annoying during operation.

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If you don’t have a big budget but need a device to improve your home or office’s air quality, the Levoit may be what you are looking for. Without a doubt one of the most portable purifiers.

This model together with the H13 True HEPA Filter is within the category of personal and portable air purifiers ideal for spaces up to 40 m2 with 3 air changes per hour, very suitable for its small size to have it on the office table if your boss does not support you in ventilating your workspace.

It has a power capable of eliminating 99.7% of the particles from your environment in a room of up to 35 m2. In addition to weighing only 3 kg you can move it to any part of your home or office without difficulty, even take it to the apartment. In this sense, we consider it an efficient and versatile air purifier.

Although its air purification capacity is not as high as that of other machines in its category, it has the advantage that its electricity consumption is relatively low.

Besides, it does not generate a lot of noise while running, making it an optimal model for the night without disturbing.

It is a versatile, lightweight purifier ideal for those looking to improve the air quality of confined spaces.

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Because the most expensive is not always the best, when we look for the best quality, we want it to offer a lot at a minimum price and in this case, the Rowenta XD6066 air purifier seems an excellent option. It can process 343 m3 / h of air and work at maximum power for rooms of up to 60 m2, characteristics similar to other models but with significantly higher prices.

In addition to being powerful, it is one of the quietest that allows you to work in rooms without disturbing either at night or in a meeting thanks to its Sleep function. Of course, it has a high-efficiency HEPA filter with guarantees.

It is also one of those recommended by the Spanish Society of Allergy and Immunology, for this reason, we have chosen this model that for its price has some of the best-optimized functionalities.

If the allergy is your problem and you need an effective purifier at a reasonable price, this is an excellent investment.

Keep in mind that it is an appliance that works like a refrigerator all the time, so your motor should choose the one with fewer decibels to make your stay more pleasant, especially if it will be in a bedroom you or your children rest.

Most of them have a night function, which reduces the maximum efficiency while maintaining the filtering efficiency. In general, decibels are linked to price.

The more sophisticated the technology is, the quieter but of course, it is usually linked to more outlay of money, so we tell you that it is an essential factor to assess.

The ionizing function is a function that is in some of the air purifiers. It is an option that consists of releasing negatively charged ions, which through chemical bonds, bind to the positive particles that are generated, especially in household appliances.

These positive particles are supposed to be detrimental to our health. With the union of both parts, heavier elements are formed. They fall to the ground and are no longer dangerous for our children and us.

They are supposed to disappear when we clean our house. This ionizing function is currently under discussion if it is different with real benefits or just a marketing concept to sell more. In reality, it would not be one reason for us to choose an air purifier.

This article entitled “Negative air ions and their effects on human health and the improvement of air quality” concludes that no consistent or reliable evidence was achieved on using ionizers’ therapeutic effects. More studies are needed to affirm their potential theoretical beneficial effects.

On the other hand, it also highlights that although its benefits have not been proven, no data showed the harmful effects of negative ions (emitted by an ionizer) in humans/animals.

It also very quietly concludes: evidence showed negatively charged ions could very efficiently remove particles, including ultrafine particles, providing an alternative way to clean indoor air, especially during pollution episodes.

Like a refrigerator or a washing machine, they have increasingly lower energy consumption and are valued with the famous A, double AA, or triple AAA. Air purifying machines also have this seal.

Try to choose those that, although the initial cost when buying it is somewhat lower, in the long term, you will consume less with what in the end you will save money with that energy saving, not to mention the polluting protection.

There are devices with many functions that you still do not use, so choose the more straightforward to use and procedures you will use.

There are indeed machines with apps that you can control from your mobile, but they are linked to being more expensive just for that. So we recommend that you spend more on power or less noise and not on only one app.

There are portable air purifiers on hand that are usually smaller, by then for smaller rooms and tabletops, and there are cleaners for more extensive and larger rooms.

Choose the model that does not bother you later in your home, with the same or similar characteristics. Always choose the smallest and least bulky.

Measure the room where it will work, height by width by height, to calculate the volume in cubic meters of your dining room, office, or bedroom. Depending on this, choose your purifier.

Rooms are usually smaller and therefore admire filtering of smaller cubic meters, but a dining room or office that is generally larger will require more power and more excellent airflow. Look at the characteristics of your model.

As in automatic coffee machines, the good thing is that you see how much you should descale and not be aware of that you go overboard.

Choose a purifier that tells you when to wash and when to change the filter. In this way, you will maintain your air quality and keep your device at the best level. You will get rid of headaches.

An air purifier, an air cleaner, is an appliance designed to reduce pollutants’ concentration in our home and/or any other closed place. In this way, it improves the air quality.

We breathe since it reduces contaminants such as pollen, dust, or tobacco smoke, inhaling it and passing it through several different filters. As a result of this filtering, it expels cleaner air free of harmful allergens or particles.

They are very beneficial for those people or children who suffer from allergies or asthma since by reducing the concentration of allergens, they reduce their symptoms, contributing to the better evolution of the disease, its treatment, and recovery.