Best Can Opener

In the kitchen, there are some unavoidable things, one of them opening cans. It is a tedious activity, and it can be dangerous, and at least once you have cut your finger trying to open one.

It is not about laziness; getting rid of this little work with the best electric can opener is also a safety issue. And, to my delight, the likelihood of spills and disasters is zero.

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Electric can openers are even better than industrial ones . The reason? You do not have to apply force to them. But you have to know how to choose them. You will find that there are models with plastic and metal wheels.

The latter are more durable and efficient. Despite this, its body can be made of plastic or metal, depending on your preference in terms of aesthetics, savings in your pocket or ease of maintenance.

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The first thing is its minimalist and monochrome design, all white. This makes it blend in with most countertops. Don’t you want it on the counter? You can also hang it on the wall!

In terms of effectiveness, the most striking thing about this design is that it opens cans of any size and shape. Yes, from the smallest to the largest and the most confusing to the simplest. Its blades are removable to facilitate cleaning.

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We are talking about a can opener with one of the most practical designs out there. If you can even carry it in a pocket. It is amazing, not only because of how portable it is, which allows you to take it camping or to your grandmother’s house.

It is also ergonomic, and holding it while you do your thing is not annoying. Its ABS structure and alloy steel material make it washable and corrosion-resistant.

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When it comes to modernity and elegance, this is the can opener that perfectly combines both attributes. But, come on, aesthetics is not everything.

Its functionality is not limited to opening even the most challenging can, which is saying a lot; this model can open your bottles and even has a knife sharpener, all with 60w power. Do you want more? Its head is removable for easy cleaning and magnetic holding of the lid.

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Opening the can of your pet’s food will not require much effort, thanks to this electric can opener. On top of that, your kitty won’t be in danger of getting cut on the ragged edges of the can because this can opener has a smooth cut and leaves the edges straight and blunt.

It is easy to maneuver, it is pretty intuitive and user-friendly. It fits in the palm of your hand and is lightweight, only 170g.

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No can will put resistance to this electric can opener since it has an excellent power that allows opening the most difficult cans. It runs on 4 AA batteries and breaks the myth that battery-operated can openers are less powerful.

Like few others, it has a built-in magnet that makes putting and removing the can in question very easy. Just press the button and it works without asking for weird settings or complicating your life.

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This can opener in the shape of a door phone to have to use force to open a can. If your hands aren’t strong enough, you don’t have to worry, this can opener will do all the work without hitting you.

It has a spiral cord that stretches comfortably to allow you more freedom of movement and prevent it from twisting. It has 20W of power and in a single cut, it leaves the can open with smooth edges.

We often think about how it would feel to have something do a tedious task for us. Luckily, there are countless gadgets out there today ready to do that task you don’t want.

This is the case of the electric can opener, it saves us the inconvenience, the possible finger cuts and opens a can in an instant. Fantastic, come on.

But there is also a wonder for each person, so you have to look at some details before buying to make sure it is the ideal for you. You can start with the following:

If you have already been looking for a bit of information about electric can openers, you indeed have learned that some can work with a fixed battery and others that work with batteries.

In addition to varying in terms of price and design, these also vary in functionality since the fixed battery is good to have on the kitchen counter at home. Simultaneously, the battery-powered model is portable, ideal for camping or to use outside the home.

In the market, you will find a vast number of models that vary, among other things, by size. What will reduce your selection of models is to always think about the size of the cans you usually face at home: are they usually large cans?

This must be taken into account when choosing and your storage space and the size of your hands, so that it is ergonomic and easy to maneuver.

An opener of these usually has two types of cut: side cut or top cut. The former is usually a smooth cut style, while the latter, as the name implies, cuts the lid off the can directly but usually comes into contact with the can’s contents.

This is its clear disadvantage because this simple fact can contaminate the content inside the can. However, both are of good quality and are usually used in both a professional and home environment , it is up to the user.

We had already mentioned it a few lines ago, this factor is essential when choosing the size of the can opener we want to have at home.

If you are one of those lucky ones who has a space reserved on the kitchen counter for an electric can opener, you can choose a large one, that works for all sizes of cans, and that has a fixed battery, with a cord, for example. You can even think of those models with a knife sharpener.

If you have little space and store everything in drawers and cabinets, it is better to think carefully about the size. You can choose an electric can opener with a medium-size, standing up to the standard cans. A battery-powered model can even be even more compact and portable.

An informed choice will always be the smartest. Knowing the product and exploring the different options available are steps to follow to ensure a good purchase.

We have all grown up with a traditional can opener, usually made of stainless steel and attaches to one end of the can, cutting off the top. This is generally cheap, but it takes effort from the user and leaves the entire edge of the can sharp, so the stage is not the safest, neither for adults nor for children.

In the case of the electric can opener, the safety of the user increases. It is recommended to cut the can of your cat’s food without the risk of him cutting himself in his lively desire to eat. It is also the best option in environments where there are young children.

It all comes down to the fact that, in the case of the automatic or electric can opener , the blade cuts through the side of a can near the top, resulting in two pieces with flat, even edges.

Although I will allow myself to make a critical alert, you should permanently remove your hand from the lever when it starts working when using an electric opener. If you don’t, small metal fragments may fall into the contents of the cans. Let it not be said that they did not warn you!

We have already talked about the existence of this model, and of course, it works. This model typically works with AA batteries. It is usually practical for camping lovers or those with little space and little use. However, even if it is high-end, its power is not comparable with a fixed battery.

A can opener is a tool that cannot be missing in any home, whether it is electric or manual. Some are reluctant to go from the traditional manual model to the electric one and everyone has their reasons.

Fortunately, there is something for all tastes and needs on the market. However, it is best for the undecided to have a little more context and make a realistic and accurate comparison.

  • Durability Comparison

In most users’ opinion and experience, a manual can opener beats an electric one in terms of durability. As they do not have electrical terminations and have simpler and simpler maintenance, they tend to last longer.

It is also true that a manual model, be it the least expensive or not, will always have the help of the user, so the device will not use much force, even with thick cans.

In the electric can opener case, it will do the job by itself, so if a fragile one is used to cut a can that requires a lot of force, it will end up lasting as long as the water between the fingers.

  • Reliability Comparison

Here also has a point in favor of the manual, and that is that in the long run, they tend to have fewer failures than an electrical one. That’s why you always have to make sure you get an electric can opener with an unbeatable value for money. Higher quality = higher reliability.

  • Convenience Comparison

In this case, the superiority is the electric can opener, no one does not prefer a device with which they do not have to make a minimum of effort. Just hook the can of the appliance and voila!

  • Maintenance Comparison

The manual can opener is easy to wash, most are even dishwasher safe. However, an electric can opener requires a little more loving. After each use, it is advisable to clean the blades and surface carefully. Occasionally cleaning internal areas thoroughly with a Q-tip and great care is also ideal. Nothing complicated!

  • Price Comparison

With a manual can opener, what you see is what you get. Perhaps one or another model includes a bottle opener, but they do not add value in comfort or efficiency. Therefore, it is logical that it is cheaper than an electric one.

This isn’t to say that you can’t find an affordable electric can opener, but it’s not the cheapest option by comparison. However, they tend to have more excellent added value, being more convenient, offering you freedom of movement, less effort, and even including additional functions and opening cans, sharpening knives, and more.

One of the biggest fears that users face before deciding to buy an electric can opener is precisely whether it is durable. After many tests, we can confirm that it is a durable device.

However, like any electrical appliance, it requires care on the user’s part to keep it in perfect condition for a long time. The cleaning regulates the same lengthen its life, which is usually not less than two years. It will also depend on the model and brand—quality matters.