Best Electric Razors

Best Electric Razor
Best Electric Razor

Since 2019, we’ve been researching and testing electric razors for shaving performance, razor design, and standout features in individual razors. In our most recent tests, the Braun Series 7 razor outperformed the others It provides a smooth, close shave and has all the features we look for in a great razor. It is easy to use and has long battery life. It is a well-constructed razor with settings that let you customize a close or scruffy shave.

The Braun Series 7 electric razor has everything you’ll need for a close and comfortable shave. In our hands-on testing, it was an impressive top performer. It provided an extremely close shave, comparable to what you’d experience with a manual shaver.
It accomplishes a close shave with technology that adapts to your face.

The shaving head pivots and rolls and, for maximum mobility, the foil blades move, thus molding to the contours of your face. An hour of charging time provides enough juice for 50 minutes of shaving. If you’re shaving every day it will stay charged for a week. The five-minute quick-charge feature provides enough power for a single shave.

This razor weighs 2 pounds, which gives it a solid feel. However, after using it for a few minutes, you may feel the effects of its heft in your wrist. When you’re done shaving, you can clean the head by running it under tap water. But the charging base also acts as a cleaning station, so you can let it do the cleaning work as it charges. With high-end performance and all the features you need in an electric razor, this is our top pick.


  • Achieves an extremely close shave
  • Battery stays charged for 50 minutes, plus quick-charge feature for a single shave
  • Self-cleaning


  • Heavier than the average razor
  • Pricier than most other razors in our lineup

Quality electric razors are not cheap. Most cost well over $100, but the Wahl LifeProof razor is significantly less expensive without sacrificing quality. It doesn’t have a lot of extras, but we were impressed by its performance, and it earned a 92 out of 100 in our tests for performance and ease of use.

After using it for four days, one tester commented that this razor shaved better than razors he’s used in the past. He said it was smooth and didn’t hurt his face. A standout feature of this razor is its battery life, which almost doubles most of the other razors in our comparison at 90 minutes.

However, it only has one shaving setting, while some razors offer as many as five. If you just want to be clean shaven, this isn’t a problem, but if you want to trim a beard or leave stubble after you shave, this razor won’t do it. It lacks extras like a quick-charge feature or a precision trimmer, and it doesn’t have common accessories like a charging dock or a cleaning station. This razor is average in weight at 1.5 pounds. It takes a bit longer to charge than others, but will stay charged for a couple weeks even if you use it every day.

  • Extremely long battery life
  • Affordable razor
  • Comes with a generous five-year warranty
  • Only cuts one length
  • No quick charge
  • No charging dock

The Panasonic Arc4 ES-LA93-K is a light-weight razor that uses a four-blade foil cutting system to provide an extremely close shave. In our tests, we only had to shave over the same area two or three times maximum to get a shave similar to a manual shave, so shaving with it is quick.

It has a two-motor system, which makes the blades run up and down to provide a shave that is closer than most electric razors can manage. Our tester found that the foil blades didn’t irritate his face or pull at his hair at all. The chin and jawline tend to be problem areas with electric razors, but our tester reported thorough results over both.

There is only one setting for length, so you can’t trim using this razor. However, it comes with a separate precision trimmer. While we tested this razor dry, it can be immersed in water and used in the shower or with shaving cream. Additionally, its cleaning station will thoroughly clean and lubricate the razor while the battery is being charged.

The battery life is the shortest of any we tested, but there isn’t a significant difference between most razors in this area. If the battery runs out mid-shave, you can plug it in to finish shaving. At 0.44 ounces, it is feather-light and comfortable to hold. Some people may find it a bit too light. Extremely lightweight electronics can sometimes feel cheap, but his one is well constructed and high-functioning. It includes a precision trimmer, a corded option and an LCD screen that lets you know when the battery is getting low and provides cleaning reminders.

  • Achieves an extremely close shave
  • Light-weight and comfortable to hold
  • Cord option in case the battery dies
  • Only one hair-length setting
  • Short battery life
  • Relatively expensive

We evaluated 10 razors by putting them each through a series of tests to determine ease of use, comfort and overall functionality. We tested for both daily maintenance and in some instances a razor’s performance after a couple days growth.

With razors that have different length settings we were able to see how well they worked as a trimmer. Many razors have a separate precision trimmer which we also tested. We tested other specialty functions, such as the charging dock and cleaning station, to see if they performed the way they were meant to. Our recommendations are based on these tests, as well as on each tester’s report of his own experience.

Our panel of male testers took these electric razors home and used them over the course of three days or more. Our male testers paid attention to smoothness, irritation, problem areas and the number of passes it took to get a close shave. Each tester filled out a survey that highlighted their experience using the razor, and we carefully considered their experience in each of our reviews.

Our process also consisted of a significant amount of online research. Our final rankings took into account online product information for each razor combined with the results of our testing. We contacted manufacturers with questions to ensure that we were getting our facts correct. All of our research and testing data was implemented into our recommendations and individual reviews to help you make the most informed decision you can when selecting the best razor.

It seems all the electric shaver manufacturers market their products as the most comfortable and the quickest to give you a close shave. We tested each of the electric razors on our lineup to determine the accuracy of these claims.

Our testing was based on hands-on experience with the razors. We handed each razor to one of our male testers, who brought the razor home to use in their daily shaving.

The testers used the electric shavers for at least three days. In this period, they noted their experience with the product, including any issues they had and general thoughts. At the end of the testing period, the tester filled out a survey that highlighted certain aspects of the shaving experience. This included smoothness, irritation, problem areas and the number of passes it took to get a close shave. The testers also described how comfortable the razor was to hold and how light it felt.

We carefully considered all the survey results, as well as each razor’s specifications, to calculate the final rankings.

Aside from performance and ease of use, there are other factors to consider before you determine which electric razor is right for you. You should consider the following criteria before choosing an electric razor.

Some electric shavers allow you to use them while they’re plugged in, but if you shave on the go, you won’t have that option. This is where the cordless running time becomes important. The best electric razors allow 40-60 minutes of shaving time when they aren’t plugged in. Aside from the Wahl LifeProof razor, which has the longest battery life of any electric razor in our reviews at 90 minutes, the Remington Smart Edge and the Remington Hyperflex, are tied for second longest at 60 minutes each.

All electric razors are rechargeable. You can charge them either by plugging them in or simply placing them on the charging dock. However, not all electric razors recharge at the same rate. The best shavers for men only take one hour to fully recharge, but some take up to four hours.

The best electric shavers have a cleaning station that lets you clean the razor more thoroughly than you could by rinsing it with water, because it lubricates and dries your razor for you. Razors that don’t include a cleaning station and can’t be cleaned by simply rinsing them under a tap must be cleaned with special oil, which is more time-consuming.

Most electric razors are similar across the board on warranty coverage, which is usually two years. However, some are covered for up to five years.

Electric razors can provide similar results to manual razors. The difference is that, if you like to shave quickly or even on the go, the right electric razor can be a constant companion. By choosing the right electric razor, you can have both a close and quick shave that keeps your face smooth for the day ahead.