Best Foot Massager

Best foot massager
Best foot massager

If you exercise regularly or stand for a long time, you may suffer these excruciating pains in silence. The massagers’ feet are a revolutionary product that can help us when we tired feet and recover certain diseases such as plantar fasciitis.

The search for the best foot massager may be causing you a big headache. Reading features, reviews, and comparing opinions takes a lot of time for all of us, but don’t worry.

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Among the cheapest options and worth less than $ 100, we have chosen this model from the Asian giant Naipo Care. A massager that has 18 massage nodes to work the sole of the foot.

The work points are specially designed to relieve muscle tension. You have 2 work options without or with heat, the latter is normally used to reduce fatigue.

You can manipulate it with your toe without the need to bend down since it only has a single button. Just 20 minutes of work a day is enough to keep feet healthy and relieved. Use it while reading, watching TV, or doing any other task.

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Talking about the German brand Beuer is synonymous with quality. That’s why we can’t go by without naming some of their most popular foot massage devices. This machine precisely, unlike the rest, uses water to provide a hydromassage in addition to being able to use it with essential oils for aromatherapy.

Its modes of operation incorporate three different types of massage: vibration massage, bubbles, and heat. This last model offers the option of regulating the state of the water temperature.

Optionally incorporates rollers in the central part to perform a reflex therapy massage. Thanks to its work, pressure points can be stimulated, aches and pains are relieved, blood flow is facilitated and skin is smooth.

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The Therapeutic Shiatsu Foot Massager has a remote control system. Being a flat surface, it works with an oscillating platform with thousands of vibrations that penetrate from the feet to the calf area.

The system has 4 automatic programs and 2 manual programs. Besides, in each of them, you can work up to 15 intensity levels.

This Therapeutic model is widely chosen for the treatment of corns, bunions, or leg relaxation. It has a 2-year warranty from the brand. Another of the more than acceptable options for the treatment of footrest.

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This is perhaps one of the best models on the market, almost all analysts agree that this massager is so comfortable and practical that it is as if a person were giving you a massage.

We have tried it and we have been able to test it and we agree on the evaluations. It fits perfectly up to a size 46 in men. The brand has it in 2 modes, this cheaper model has the controls on the massager and another slightly more expensive model with remote controls.

Highlighting its features: includes a rolling ball with air pressure coating and heat option. Also, perform shiatsu massage with three modes of massage intensity and 3 modes of air intensity. The heat massage function can be activated independently. Without a doubt the closest you will be to heaven!

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Finally, we want to leave you an excellent option to work your feet and legs together. Within the pervasive range of products of the Naipo company, leader in this sector, we want to highlight this excellent model in quality price.

It has a multifunctional system that can fold it only to work the feet if you do not want to massage the legs. The heel area and the rest of the sole are performed by rollers and rotating nodes, while the upper part of the foot and the calves are controlled by air.

With 2 work modes and 3 levels of work intensity. Ideal for treating plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, spurs, and swollen feet. It has a scheduled shutdown that shuts down in 15 min and a 2-year warranty if not used.

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It shows a good finish and construction and stands out for its simple design since it has a single button to operate it. This control can be activated with the hand or the toes, as it is more comfortable. Inside, the manufacturer has included ’18 massage heads’ distributed on both sides: they are in charge of relieving fatigue and pain on the feet’ soles.

In a complementary way, from the power button, the Shiatsu technique applied by the massager can be combined with a heat function through infrared lights that are activated and that correspond to those 18 massage heads already mentioned.

This combination produces a pleasant and relieving sensation especially in the first few minutes, but as the movement applied is always the same, it is tedious.

Without a doubt, it is the main point to improve on this proposal. On the other hand, it should be noted in its favor the ergonomic design it offers.

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I have talked about three products that need the electrical network to work, so now I am going to tell you about one that will not need this feature since it is a massager made of good quality wood that will provide you with everything you need in a massage, although of course, with some limitations.

As you can see in the image, the design has four rods, of which the two outermost ones have a different structure than the two inside. The wood used for this product is from rosewood, from India, from the Saharanpur region.

According to reflexology, it has been developed, a science that helps maintain a healthy life through certain points that are found on the foot and that are closely related to the organs and parts of the human body.

The best thing about this product is that you will not have to connect it anywhere, you will only have to place it on the floor. Simultaneously, you rest on the sofa or even if your work is sitting down. You can move your feet to notice the benefits instantly, recovering your energy and helping you improve your health.

Although you may think that its rods will puncture and hurt you, on the contrary, once you pass your feet you will feel much better and it will not bother you at all. Ideal for those looking for a cheap foot massager to buy.

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A new massager that perhaps is the one that you are most used to seeing since it is one that does not have a capsule in which you insert your feet, but rather that these are left in the air and it will only be the plantar area that you enjoy. The benefits of a good therapeutic massage.

The design is quite conventional, which we usually see with the advantage that in the area where we will rest our feet, all the points that will affect our soles are clearly visible.

It is a product that will help you improve the stiffness of the feet but also due to the science of reflexology, you will achieve incredible results throughout the body, eliminating the feeling of fatigue.

It has several modes to be used among them is a very intense mode that will be stimulating and that will give you all the energy you need, on the other hand, it has a somewhat softer mode that what it manages to do is relax your whole body making the feeling of heaviness go away.

I really like this device because it has a remote control so you can sit quietly on the sofa without having to bend over to handle its control panel, you will simply have to press the button on the remote control to make it work.

On the other hand, it has 15 levels of specialized massage in addition to another 7 that is performed by means of infrared, a luxury if you want a very complete model and at a fairly affordable price.

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We continue with other of those products that manage to impress nothing more than using it. The lay brand’s massager combines the best reflexology with a water-based therapy, thus achieving a feeling of maximum comfort, relaxing tired feet, and improving circulation in the legs.

It is especially suitable for those working for long periods without sitting down or completing the opposite happens since they work in an office and cannot move from their seat.

Its design may seem necessary to us since you may have found some other very similar model. Still, it has specific details that other products do not have, such as the possibility of passing the sole of the foot through a roller located right in the center of the massager and that will complete the experience.

It is a safe model and you don’t have to be afraid of it since many people have to mix an electrical appliance with water. Regarding the characteristics that it has, you have several massage modes at your disposal, all of them with different intensities so that you can choose before use.

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We started talking about a well-known brand in the world of massage devices such as Shiatsu and that in this model that we bring you, it will fulfill what you want very well, for a very little price.

It is not one of the most beautiful models that you will find, looking correct but very unattractive, although if you think that you will have it on the floor at all times while you massage, you won’t mind at all.

The color of this product is brown, both on the outside and for the place where you will insert your feet. It has a control panel that is fixed on top of it so that you can handle it by just bending over a little.

The cable with which it works is quite long and resistant, so you will not have problems when it comes to sitting on the sofa and connecting it to the nearest outlet.

According to the manufacturer, it has enough technology to make us feel as if they are giving us a message with techniques as advanced as pressotherapy.

This is what refers to the improvement of circulation in the legs, so if you have fatigue in this area, it will be perfect for you. It also has thermotherapy thanks to the fact that it emits a slight heat on the feet that will relax you and make you feel much better.

In addition to having three completely different ways to massage your feet, it will also have adjustable intensity.

In this section, we want to offer you all the necessary information to purchase a foot massager without having to read other buying guides. Why? Well, because we’re going to explain everything to you, with all kinds of details.


Like most products that exist on the market, you should know a large number of different models and designs. Well, we will see in detail how they differ from each other and their benefits. We have divided the buying guide into 8 sections:

The size and weight as in most products are essential and it could not be less here. Generally, the models you can find can be of different sizes depending on the foot’s size.

In this case, the size is essential, since, if it is too large, the foot may not adapt correctly to all the massage areas.

Weight is not that important, although you would have to take it into account for its portability. These types of products tend to move little from home, so at this point, we will not place great emphasis.

Regarding the design, we can say that there are mainly 2 types of designs on the market, those that show an open design and closed.

  • Open model: Open models are generally lighter and easier to transport. They are usually quieter models, which work the feet’ soles very well, but not other areas surrounding them (heels, instep, etc).
  • Closed model: They are usually the most popular and the most complete since they work all areas of the foot. Typically, they come with different massage functions that you can alternate and combine between them. Different intensity levels and even remote controls.

This point is quite essential and should stop you from reading it well. In case you didn’t know, there are different ways to relieve foot pain: roller massage, shiatsu massage, air compression, with nodes, with the application of heat or water jets.

Depending on the model, they may include one or a combination of several. Next, we are going to summarize the main ones:

  • Roller massage: this type of massage is applied in open-design models. It is completely manual, you just have to rest your feet on the pressure surface and make a movement back and forth so that the rollers rotate. This type of massage allows for the improvement of blood flow.
  • Pressurized air massage: this modality is usually used in closed-design models. Its operation is quite simple since it consists of inflating areas and deflating as we regulate the intensity.
  • Massage with nodes: this type of massage is very similar to that used by the cervical massager. It is about heads that incorporate multiple nodes. These nodes rotate in various directions providing a pleasant massage.
  • Shiatsu massage: The vast majority of foot massagers incorporate this massage that bases its technique on the pressure of different parts of the foot. This ancient Japanese pressure technique will stimulate and relax your muscles, while also allowing for improved blood circulation.
  • Heat massage: this massage modality is not present in all models and some do not incorporate this functionality. The models that incorporate this function with heat will provide a very relaxing massage, allowing the dilation of the blood vessels and circulation improvement.
  • Hydromassage: there is also an option that combines water bubbles with rollers or massager nodes. Here the water helps to relax the muscles thanks to the heat and to have softer skin.

In recent years the foot massage equipment sector has evolved considerably. A few years ago there were only models that massaged only the sole, today there are more sophisticated models that allow work in various areas, such as the ankles or calves. Depending on the massage area you can select one model or another.

  • Sole of the foot: As we mentioned, this is the most common and although they have evolved a lot, their functionality is focused only on this area. They are usually open in design and massage only the soles of the feet.
  • Sole of the foot, ankle, and instep: Unlike the previous ones, these models have a closed design and allow the work of several areas in addition to the soles. In this sense, the more areas you work on, the better.
  • Foot and calf: If you often suffer from leg fatigue, you are an athlete or you spend a lot of time a day on your feet, this may be the massager that will be the best for you to relieve fatigue. As a novelty, this model and working the foot area perform a massage with nodes on the calves. This helps to relax both areas at the same time.

In all this time, I have had the privilege of seeing how technology advances to make everyday life easier and tell about it in different media. Although I have already lost count of how many products have passed through my hands, I confess that the desire and the sensations remain the same.

Laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, activity wristbands, and smartwatches. I don’t limit myself when choosing a device and making the most of its possibilities as a good consumer of technology.