Best High Pressure Shower Head For Low Water Pressure

Best High Pressure Shower Head
Best High Pressure Shower Head

One of the components that make a great shower is good water pressure. There could be different reasons for having low water pressure in the shower. It could be the plumbing in your house, the municipal water supply, or just the shower head. If you have low water pressure in the entire house, then you can consult your local plumber as the reason is probably the municipal water supply or your plumbing.

If it’s only in the shower, then your solution can be simply replacing it with one of the most powerful shower heads on the market. There are shower heads specifically designed for low water pressure. In my best high-pressure shower head for low water pressure review below, you can find out more about the benefits of these products and what the top models on the market are in this category.

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One of the best-sellers among high-pressure shower heads is the Speakman S-2252 Icon Anystream model. It is used by many luxury hotels worldwide. It comes in a durable solid brass design with a polished chrome cover that ensures a long-lasting life.

The shower head features 6 jets that provide consistent performance of 48 individual sprays. This ensures a powerful full-body drenching water spray, even if you have very low water pressure in your home.

For creating the high pressure the Speakman S-2252 features the patented Plunger System. Each of the plungers is strategically positioned so that the combined individual streams create full-coverage spray performance. This creates high power and water spray intensity.

This Speakman model is designed with the Anystream technology. The shower head includes a lever handle that you can rotate the full 360 degrees in any direction. This creates an amazing versatility of spray patterns. You can get a massage experience with the Intense spray, get soaked in the Drenching pattern, or simply enjoy the Full spray setting.

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High Sierra is one of the most innovative high-efficiency shower heads available on the market. Don’t let the 1.5 gallons per minute put you off; this unit is designed with the patented High Sierra technology that features a unique spray design that creates a very concentrated water flow. According to the comments of multiple users, the water pressure is even higher than with most 2.5 GPM shower heads. It really gives you a drenching water spray, but at the same time, it saves potentially hundreds of dollars in water and energy. So if you are looking for a cost-effective Green Product, this shower head is a great choice.

The shower head is also compact and comes in an attractive yet durable design. It’s made of solid metal and features a polished chrome finish.

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The most popular high-pressure shower head for low water pressure on Amazon is the Delta Faucet 75152. It offers amazing efficiency with full spray performance and at the same time allows you to lower your utility bills. One of the advantages of this shower head is that it offers dual flow settings (2.5 and 1.85 GPM).

The shower head features H2OKINETIC water amplifying technology that works by concentrating the water through the four large spray nozzles and thus creating larger water droplets. This technology also allows you to reduce water usage by up to 36% compared to most standard shower heads. The H2OKINETIC technology used by this shower head meets the WaterSense criteria for water-saving. (WaterSense is an EPA-sponsored program that promotes water efficiency in order to protect the future of the nation’s water supply.)

The Delat Faucet 75152 unit also has a control lever for adjusting the water settings.

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If you want to create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home, then you should consider the Vida Alegria Spashower 5+ shower head. The main characteristic that customers love about this model is the 5 spray modes that allow you to create your personal shower experience. You can get a pulsating massage for your tired muscles, a relaxing coarse spray, a high-volume drenching rain, a drizzle spray for when you want to use less water, or you can just enjoy a relaxing rinse.

This shower head is made to last with its solid brass connector and ball joint. It’s not made of cheap plastic that will wear out over time. The package that the shower head comes in contains a detailed instruction manual for the installation of the unit and ultra-thin Teflon tape to help you ensure no leaks after installation.

If your house has really low water pressure or if you just feel that you are not getting enough power, you can easily remove the flow restrictor. The steps on how to do it are all included in the instructions manual.

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Thunderhead TH2.5 is one of the most powerful rain shower heads. It uses a pressure sensor to create that high-pressure water flow. The chamber evenly distributes the water through the 90 spray jets of this shower head and shoots out a forceful and relaxing water flow.

This model features overhead positioning which is great for small shower enclosures. It helps to solve spacing issues and prevent overcrowding. You can fold the unit into itself to use it in the standard shower head position. For convenience, the height of the shower head can also be adjusted to suit different members of the household. There are four self-locking ratchet joints on the arm that allow you to move the unit up, down, and sideways.

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This model from Waterpik is the most affordable model on our list of high-flow shower heads. It comes with the Opti Flow technology that is designed to provide high-pressure water flow. This system provides full-body spray and delivers 30% more water force than the standard shower heads. It’s perfect even for very low water pressure environments. If you would still like more pressure, you can remove the flow restrictor before the installation of the unit.

In addition to a good water flow, you also get the chance to customize your shower experience. It offers 5 modes that include full-body, slow massage, pulsating massage, misting spray, and full-body + massage modes. You can change the settings by rotating the spray control ring.

Most shower heads in the U.S. have a maximum output limit of 2.5 gallons of water per minute. So the high-pressure shower heads are designed to use technology and improved design features to create more pressure rather than using more water to provide equal pressure.

The shower heads with the adjustable spray settings are designed with fewer nozzles, so the water going through them is compressed and the result is more pressure. The models with the pressure chamber use a special chamber inside the shower head, where the air is added, increasing pressure and pushing the water out at a higher velocity.

  • Rinse and wash your body much faster and easier than under a low water flow.
  • Save water. As it will take you less time to take the shower, you will also be using less water.
  • A high water pressure gives a more relaxing shower experience. The high pressure creates a good massage for the tired muscles.

If you have low pressure in your home, then getting a high-pressure shower head would be a great idea for your home. Consider these factors when trying to find the most powerful shower head for your needs.

You can find high-pressure shower heads that are built from either plastic material or metal. The metal ones are normally made from brass. They can sometimes cause the water to cool a little when it is coming out of the shower head but these shower heads are usually very high quality and will not rust. Alternatively, you can purchase shower heads that are made from high-quality ABS plastic. This will be more lightweight than brass bodies and will ensure that the shower head is lighter, which is ideal if it is a handheld shower head.

Just like with any other shower head on the market, high-pressure shower heads are available with different spray patterns. If you want a basic and low-cost high-pressure shower head, there are plenty out there that only have one or two basic spray patterns. This would suit those who are not concerned with customizing their showering experience. If you would prefer to have gentle soothing shower sprays and massage streams to choose from, you should look for shower heads that offer 3 or more different spray options.

To ensure that your water stream will always be high pressured from the shower head, you can get high-pressure shower heads that have a removable restrictor. You should remember to remove this before you install it so that you can enjoy an unaffected water flow. Leaving the restrictor in will ensure that you save water and energy but you may not be impressed with the water pressure that comes through the showerhead.

Under the United States law, all the shower heads are designed with a maximum of 2.5 GPM. To comply with that law, the manufacturers integrate a water flow restrictor into their shower heads. It can be removed on most units, but that will increase your water consumption and thus your utility bill. Alternatively, you can purchase a powerful shower head for low water pressure that is designed to stay within that limit but also can provide a high-pressure spray. This way you will stay within the law and you will reduce your water consumption and your water bills.

The best high-pressure shower head models that I have mentioned above were picked due to their high efficiency and the features that they provide, as well as popularity, high rating, mostly positive feedback from users, and other factors. I hope that this high pressures shower head review has helped you find the perfect unit that will enhance your shower experience.