Best Portable Air Conditioners

Best Portable Air Conditioners
Best Portable Air Conditioners

Stop forcing yourself to tolerate the hot weather because you may not be able to concentrate and be productive all day. Why don’t just get yourself a portable air conditioner to help cool down your body, calm your mind, and reflect your mood?

Here is a list of top 10 best portable air conditioners that are highly selected for these hot summer months. Go through the article and get the one that best fits your interest.

Honeywell is the first portable air conditioner that we are going to highlight its incredible features. It comes with 10000 BTU which is high energy to help reduce the temperature and cold down your room. It works perfectly with 350-450 Sq.Ft. rooms which are suitable for living room, small office, and bedroom.

The product is also constructed with Thermal Overload Protection which provides ultimate safety during usage. There are also 4 wheels that roll smoothly on any types of surfaces, be it floor or wooden tiles. Thus, users can now have the freedom to transport it around.

The next product is from BLACK + DECKER. It is an 8000 BTU air conditioner that fits perfectly to a 100-150 sq.ft. room. It has a smart design of vertical motion that produces a very steady level of airflow keeping the room constantly cold. Coming attached with a slide-out filter that makes it easy for washing and drying for reuse.

This portable air conditioner is highly programmed very simply allowing all types of users to control it with convenience. Also thanks to its LED digital screen, it always keeps users up to date with any information related to the functionality.

Product #8 also comes from the same brand as product #10. However, it is a different model with an 8000BTU operation. This means that the product is able to keep the temperature low inside a 350 sq.ft room. This item is greatly built with an automatic evaporation system which amazingly draws the moisture out of your space.

Another thing that you would love about it is that it operates very silently which does not bother you from doing your work or sleeping at all.

JHS Portable Air Conditioner is designed for contemporary homes and users. It is built and connected with the smartphone application of JHS that allows you to control the air-con directly from your mobile phone. It features a 10000 BTU cooling system that quickly colds up the space of 300 sq.ft.

This item also comes with 2 fan speeds together with a dehumidifier which keeps you cold while also taking away moisture from your area.

If you are a fan of black color, choosing this black portable air conditioner from Honeywell is not going to disappoint you at all. With the ability to produce 12000 BTU, this product is capable of holding down your 400-550 sq.ft space. This one comes with a remote control so that users can control it easily from afar.

In addition, it also comes with a filter that can be washed to make it a lot more convenient for users to take care of. There is also a long hose attached to chase away exhaust air from the machine operation too.

Global Air Conditioning also presents to you a very compact and sleek construction of a portable air conditioner in the market. It is not only small, but it also has wheels which enable users to easily transport it from one location to another. Thanks to its precise digital display, users can now have an easier time keeping track with your room temperature and other functions the air-con offers.

What even more convenient is that it comes with a remote control in which you can control it from afar.

This compact and portable air conditioner Honeywell MM14CCSBB will cool down your room to the next level. With its 14000 BTU, this technology is ideal to use for a room of 550-700 sq.ft. It is not just an air conditioner, but it is also a dehumidifier that helps to move any dripping of moisture away from your surroundings.

Furthermore, it is also built with thermal overload protection which helps to prevent any danger from happening on your motor.

If you ever want to look for a well and quietly operated and portable air conditioner for your small room, let us recommend you to this Emerson Quiet Kool. This one has a very slim, tall, and mini construction that takes up very little space for storage. More importantly, it can be moved as it comes with 4 transporting wheels. It is a 10000 BTU product that is good to use for a 200 sq.ft room. However, there are also options for you to choose from 10000 BTU up to 14000 BTU.

There is also a built-in auto evaporation technology that helps to chase away all types of moisture from your room. With this one, users can also put timers for the air-con to be turn on and off automatically.

LG has always been one of the top well-known products when it comes to AC or other electronic pieces of equipment. Here, it also presents to you a very sleek and portable air conditioner to look at in the market. Users can also choose other color choices including grey and black. This product features its cooling power of 8000 BTU and is able to cool up the whole space of 150 sq.ft.

Other than that, it comes with a 6 ft long cord which makes it easy for users to connect to other outlets. Like previous products, it also arrives with a dehumidification system which removes 1.8 pints of moisture within an hour.

Honeywell Quiet Low Energy Portable Air Conditioner is the top first on our review. Not only does it function well, but it also has a great design. It has 4 sleek, flat, and long wings that is able to blow produced coldness to cool down the entire room.

On top of that, it also comes with air evaporation that converts the water into the cool air. This model of Honeywell consumes very low energy and works very very quietly. Therefore, it is not going to waste a lot of resources and bother you at all.

If you have already been through the article, it is sure that you already know the good features of all of them. Thus, you can start step by step to be the owner of any products available here.