The 10 Best Portable Massage Tables

Best Portable Massage Tables
Best Portable Massage Tables

A portable massage table will help you deliver an insanely good massage anywhere, anytime. This table is lightweight and features a foldable design so you can carry it from place to place without any issues. It even comes with a carry case to further make it easy to transport. If you are wondering how to settle on the best without breaking the bank, this consumer guide is for you.

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EARTHLITE Massage Table is a trustworthy product made by a manufacturer that has been in business since 1987. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty that protects the frame and construction as well as a 3-year warranty that protects the foam and upholstery. As if that’s not enough, this massage table has a CE mark, which proves that it is quality and safe to use.

Key Features
  • Patented deluxe adjustable face cradle features a face cradle cushion
  • Folds easily and transports effortlessly in the included rugged nylon case
  • Natursoft fabric is durable yet supple and soft to the touch
  • Non-slip stable feet prevent the table from moving around while in use

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The tabletop dimensions of the SierraComfort Massage Table are 73 by 28 inches. The height, on the other hand, is adjustable from 25.5 inches to 33.5 inches. Well, all these ensure you give a good massage every time. When folded, the table measures 37 by 28 by 7 inches. It folds compactly so you can carry it from place to place with ease. Furthermore, this portable table for massage comes with a 2-year warranty that protects against any unfortunates.

Key Features
  • Working weight capacity is 400 pounds
  • High-density foam deck is 2 inches
  • Oil and water-resistant PU leather upholstery
  • Threaded support bar provides more stability

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When standing, the Saloniture Professional Massage Table measures 84 inches long with headrest and 37 inches wide with armrests. Ideally, this table features a well-thought-out height that is adjustable from 24-1/2 inches to 34-1/2 inches and a face cradle that measures 6-1/2 inches long by 4-1/2 inches wide. When the table is folded, it measures 36 inches long by 7-1/4 inches wide by 28 inches high.

Key Features
  • Face cradle is removable to allow for quicker setup on the go
  • Fold-and-carry design makes the table ideal for professional use and at-home massage
  • Provides solid support up to 450 pounds
  • 2 inches thick layer of high-density foam

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The height of the BestMassage Table is adjustable from 24 to 34 inches. The table, on the other hand, measures 84 inches long. The table is versatile and can be used as a bed spa, salon bed, and, of course, a massage bed. The table comes with a carrying bag to help you transport it with ease. It is easy to set up and suitable for professional therapists, home users, and therapy students.

Key Features
  • Lightweight construction makes the massage bed portable
  • Sturdy feet feature height-adjustable knobs
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Luxurious PVC leather is soft, durable, and easy to clean

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Giantex Massage Table Bed comes with a carrying case to help you transport and store it with ease. It is the kind of massage table you will be able to use anywhere. It is suitable for professional therapists, home users, and therapy students. It measures 84 inches long with cradle and 32 inches wide with sidearms. And its height is adjustable from 24 – 34 inches.

Key Features
  • Weight capacity is up to 550 pounds
  • Customized faux leather surface is oil-resistant and waterproof
  • High-density thickly padded sponge will not collapse easily
  • 2 section luxury padding ensures a more comfortable massage experience

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Master Massage Table has an adjustable height, just like other premium brands. The height is adjustable from 24 inches to 34 inches. The massage table is also well-sized and measures 84 inches in length and 34 inches in width. It provides a convenient surface to carry out a massage. Better yet, this massage table is not bulky and heavy despite being generously sized. It weighs 36 pounds only; hence, it is very easy to carry around.

Key Features
  • Aircraft-grade steel support cables give the table weight capacity of 750 pounds
  • Rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal protected finish
  • Nylon leg buffers ensure wooden legs do not become squeaky or wobbly
  • Memory foam ergonomic dream face cushion

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STRONGLITE Massage Table weighs 33 pounds and folds up to store easily in the car trunk. You can also store it in your closet. It measures 28 by 73 inches, and its height can be adjusted from 25 – 35 inches. STRONGLITE is a US-based company that has been making professional massage tables since 1986. Having said that, expect this table to work really well for you. It comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind during purchase.

Key Features
  • Adjustable face cradle and face pillow
  • Working weight of 400 pounds
  • Foldable design and lightweight construction ensure portability
  • Solid hardwood beech legs

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Heaven Massage Table measures 74 inches long without the face cradle. And its width is 27 inches. It is safe to say that this massage table is well-sized and will provide you with an amazing massage experience. Moreover, its height is adjustable from 26 inches to 36 inches so you can easily find the perfect level to deliver an unforgettable massage to your clients. The table comes in 2 colors, which are black and burgundy.

Key Features
  • 2-inch ultra-comfortable thick padding provides great comfort during the massage
  • Birch hardwood construction ensures superior durability
  • PU leather is resistant to both oil and water
  • Removable armrests and adjustable headrest

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Although the Royal Massage Chiropractic Table is solidly built, it weighs 48.5 pounds only. It is lightweight so you can have an easy time transporting it from one place to another. Besides, this chiropractic table features a wide range of professional options to make it easy and convenient to use. It comes with a zippered carry case, which, in turn, has a strap to help make it effortless to transport.

Key Features
  • Built-in toggle drops have easy control levers and adjustable tension
  • Foldable design allows you to store the table in the smallest places
  • Adjustable headpiece can be modified to fit a client’s head comfortably
  • 2-inch thick ultra-padded multi-layered foam promotes great comfort

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Mt Massage Table comes in various colors, including Cream, Burgundy, and Black. These many different colors make it easy to settle on what goes with your taste and even brand. The portable table for massage measures 29 inches wide by 72.5 inches long by 23 – 34 inches high. Yes, the height is adjustable to help you find the sweetest spot to deliver a massage that your client will never forget.

Key Features
  • Quiet and solid lift back mechanisms allow for many position changes
  • PU upholstery is resistant to water and oil
  • 2.5-inch thick cushion foam is denser than regular foam
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy legs feature push-button Leg Adjusters

Choosing a portable massage table is hard, to say the least. You need to get a lot of factors right if you want to be satisfied and happy with your new massage table. In this section, we compiled those factors to, at least, make things easier for you.

The first factor you should have in mind is how portable is the massage table you are about to choose. To get the answer to this question spot on, you must go for a table with a foldable design. Such a table can be stored in the closet or car trunk and transported anywhere.

The structure and materials used to make a massage table should be looked into as well. With that said, try to go for a table made of aluminum. The thing is; aluminum is solid yet lightweight; hence, it will not compromise portability. You can also pick a table made of birch hardwood since it is equally sturdy.

Do not be too preoccupied with construction and portability to the extent that you forget to check out the comfort of the table you are about to buy. Everyone loves to be comfortable while receiving a massage. For this reason, pick a table that is well-padded and has an adjustable height.

Massage is one of the safest ways to relieve tension. However, sometimes you are forced to go without it because your table is simply not portable. Well, if you do not like the idea of leaving your massage table behind every time you are on the go, we hope that you have found the above reviews helpful.