The 8 Best TV Stands With Mount

Best TV Stands With Mount
Best TV Stands With Mount

A TV stand with a mount is necessary if you are buying a TV with the intention of having it mounted on your wall. On average, these kinds of TV stands can cost between $50 and $200+ depending on the size of your television, material used in construction, brand, etc.

The following is a list of some great budget-friendly TV stands that provide excellent value for money for those looking to save money while looking for a new stand or upgrade their older one.

The reviews below should give you an idea of the quality and value associated with each item. It’s clear that all five options would be suitable for most people but also feature different prices and different features so we recommend reading every review carefully!

  • This is a TV stand with all of the bells and whistles from Ameriwood Home. It’s perfect for when you have limited space in your living room, family room, or dorm. With storage compartments to keep things tidy and two fixed shelves providing ample space for your connecting devices, this unit will one way or another give your place a spruce up!
  • Add to that the sturdy steel mount where most TVs can be accommodated – measuring about 50″ with a 20.13″-28″ viewing area- and tempered glass shelf which provides safety while also displaying products beautifully, these are just some of the many extra features that make for a TV stand worth purchasing.

  • American-made furniture for your living room. Keep all of it close to the wall thanks to this sleek design that makes use of limited space to centralize power and audio systems, hook up gaming consoles, and store components, DVDs, and even books on these practical built-in shelves.
  • The high style espresso finish is made with durable laminated particleboard which has a 10-year warranty against cracks or peeling paint due to stress at joints. Its easy upkeep will always result in a clean look so you can have the confidence to show off your stuff. Make sure you are set up for today by adding quality sound effects to movies and games with the Galaxy Audio Pier.

  • This TV cart is one of the most versatile and elegant carts in its class! Its sturdy steel frame can lock into place with casters that make this cart moveable, reliable, and durable. With a universal fit and compatibility for televisions from 32-65 inches; it’s ideal for any home or office looking to upgrade their flat screen display.
  • The bottom shelf provides storage space for your cable box, Netflix player whatever you like. This Rolling Mount Factory Cart has a sleek black finish making it easy to blend seamlessly with any decor making this TV stand an eye-catching piece in the right area of the room.

  • MOUNT UP is the new way to elevate your viewing experience. With the MOUNTUP TV bench, not only does it provide a space-efficient solution for containing all of your gaming consoles and accessories, but it also functions as an elegant cabinet for presenting your beautiful flat-screen TV with ultra minimized footprint.
  • Dual side rubberized shelf set along upper edge giving you instant access to game controllers, remotes, and other small items including snacks or drinks. And there’s more! When closed up tightly, the diminutive bench seamlessly hides away any unsightly cords that may be trailing around the back of the TV stand.
  • Multifunctional, low profile media storage – A mountable table top TV stand placed under your TV’s perfect pairing companion doubling as versatile media storage. Take out the mountable tabletop TV stand and use it as a side table or bedside organizer to store your reading glasses, cell phone, tablet, laptop, or books.
  • The 8mm thick black tempered glass base provides stability for TVs up to 75 pounds. Installation is easy, taking less than 15 minutes from start to finish! It comes complete with all hardware mounting kits needed for installation and comprehensive instructions are provided so you have everything you need before starting the installation process.
  • Buying this product is as easy as 1-2-3 as it’s expertly built and backed by a 5-year protection plan that will keep any buyer confident in their purchase decision from now on!

  • Compatible with a wide range of TV sizes, this universal table TV stand is an all-inclusive system for fitting your desired size. The central support pillar features 2-point mounting height options and the brackets can be adjusted at 3 points by 1.97”. In addition, cables are hidden from view thanks to a clip mounted to the back of the TV stand.
  • With six levels of adjustability and weight capacity up to 88 lbs, you’re sure to find optimal positioning for any qualified model – all without sacrificing stability or accessibility!
  • Strong steel construction paired with a high-quality tempered glass base ensures safety and stability for getting an optimum viewing angle without restriction.
  • Easy pop-out alignment design also eliminates hassles involved in assembling furniture; what’s more, the plate can rotate 25° left or right so that you’ll always have an optimal view with ease.
  • You won’t need to worry about installation because all necessary hardware, instruction manuals, and tools are included. Plus, these come pre-wired so installation will take less than 15 minutes.

  • Bring your TV to life with the USX Mount universal TV stand! Designed with a heavy-duty steel pole and tempered glass base, this tabletop TV stand with a mount can easily hold your TV on your table with safety and stability.
  • It’s easy to assemble: no holes are needed on the wall. Adjust the height and rotate the television according to where it best fits in your space (±40° swivel angle, 5 inches of height adjustment). All these features provide you with comfortable use as well as optimal viewing pleasure.
  • The USX MOUNT is a flexible television stand with a seven-inch height adjustment to properly align your screen according to eye level so you never have to hunch over or strain.
  • This universal mount has holes on the back of the base plate that accommodate mounting between 32″ and 65 inches so nearly any size flat panel TV can fit securely in seconds.

  • The FITUEYES Universal TV Stand/Base Tabletop TV Stand with Mount is a sleek tempered glass shelf that can store your cable TV box, satellite receiver, and gaming consoles such as PS4, Xbox, or Apple TV.
  • With an adjustability of 6 positions to suit the different applications and TV sizes. The 110lb weight capacity so it will work for most 40-75″ televisions up to VESA 600 mm x 400 mm. This stand also includes easy installation steps you follow so you are confident in installing this product without difficulty.
  • The FITUEYES TV stand is designed to beautifully blend into any room while maximizing the space in an area. It’s perfect for people who want to mount their HDTV, Home Theater System, and lighting on the wall but don’t have enough free floor space left.
  • Even better: The wire management hides all your unsightly wires and power cords so you can show off your smart home theater system instead of hiding it away like a life-size Pinus quadandrus! The black tempered glass top panel also has security and stability qualities that provide added protection for devices being mounted on it or just lying on its surface.

  • Designed with simplistic elegance, the Promounts Modern TV floor stand is made to match any décor. Hidden cable management keeps cords out of sight ensuring a perfect picture every time you enjoy your favorite show.
  • Built-in non-slip furniture pads not only prevent slippage but also help maintain stability without any dangerous slips or falls wherever your media device may be located.
  • A secure locking system ensures peace of mind knowing that your screen will stay securely in place no matter whether you’re working on adjustments or something else entirely, adjustable height makes it easy to find the desired viewing angle while its lightweight form, caters for stress-free transport anywhere needed so there’s never worry about assembly once set up.

mountable TV stand has many benefits over buying a stand without the ability to be mounted.

First, it is more convenient. Consider, for example, how hard it would be to set up your heavy flat-screen TV on top of an entertainment or computer desk. You probably need help or some type of appliance to do this successfully. A TV stand with mounts can easily be installed onto the wall where you want it and has less of an opportunity to drop off its own weight since there are screws that hold it into the wall securely. Next, you save counter space in your house by putting your TV on a wall instead of on top of another piece of furniture. This lets you rearrange your living room in a more efficient way.

A second reason you should consider buying TV stands with mounts is that they give you easier access to the cords and other items behind your television. You can run them over the back of the swivel mount so that they are hidden from sight. This ensures you will enjoy your new flat-screen TV without having to worry about its wires blocking the view of it when looking at it from another angle. Third, because you do not have cords running down the wall where your flat-screen TV is mounted, this keeps people who walk into your house safer. This gives them one less thing for them to trip on or get tangled up in. Once again, this lets you keep things cleaner and with a safer environment in your living room with a TV stand with mounts.

Another incentive to get a TV stand with a mount is that it can save you money long term. If you have been looking for a new flat-screen TV, then the cost of buying one itself may be prohibitive to you. But what if I told you there were more costs involved with getting a new television? What if I told you there were more fees involved with buying an entertainment center or piece of furniture where your current flat screen sits today? Where will all the cords go when they connect to the TV? Where will they run through and how much will it cost to make this happen? You’ll probably need to hire contractors or electricians who know their way around running cords through your house. Not fun and definitely not cheap! With a TV stand with mounts, however, this is one less headache you will have to deal with when purchasing your new flat-screen TV.

You want to make sure you are getting the best TV stand with mounts when buying one. There are some things you need to look for before purchasing.

  • First, consider how heavy your television is. Make sure the mount is designed for people who have TVs of equal or higher weight than yours. Next, consider where you will want to install your flat-screen TV on the wall of your house.
  • Take measurements before you actually go out and get a new TV stand with mounts so that it will fit perfectly wherever you plan on putting it in your living room.
  • You also need to consider if this particular mount can hold more than just your current flat-screen TV within its arms. Many mounts include smaller shelves that let you put DVDs under your TV.
  • Make sure you check to see if these shelves are included and how much space it offers for all the components of your flat-screen TV.
  • You also want to consider how wide this particular stand is. You do not want a piece of furniture that will overshadow the wall where you want to install your television, so make sure it fits well with its surroundings as best as possible before purchasing it.
  • Lastly, it may be wise to purchase a set of swivel mounts when buying one if you have several people living in your household who like watching different angles from where they sit or lay in the living room. This way everyone gets a good look at the picture no matter what angle they’re sitting or lying at in your family room or living room.

A: The price of the TV stand with mounts will vary depending on its size, weight, materials used to make it, and where you are buying it from. You should plan to spend about $50 – $200 for your piece of furniture, though may cost more or less than this depending on what brand you go with.

A: Attaching your flat screen TV to your new swivel mount can be done by following your specific hardware’s instructions that come with the unit itself. Usually, there is a button, screw, or hole where the respective part must be attached for it to work properly. Refer to the instructions that come with the swivel mount you are buying to make sure it is installed correctly.

A: You can attach your flat-screen TV to most types of stands. If you choose a television stand with mounts, then you should be able to easily install your flat screen onto the stand without any problems after accounting for how heavy it is and which size this particular product comes in. Watch out for television stands that do not have this kind of arm support as they may not hold up well under certain conditions.

A: Most likely, your TV will fall off if it cannot fit your new television stand with mounts. Another issue you might run into is that the mount may not install correctly over whatever area you choose to attach it to in your living room or family room. You will need either to get a larger stand or a smaller TV depending on what kind of unit this is and how big it comes in.

A: With a swivel mount, you can easily adjust where it hangs onto wherever you want inside your home without getting too technical using wires and cords from behind your flat screen TV attached to the wall. This way you can situate it exactly as needed for everyone who watches television to see clearly within your household. In addition, if you have children then they do not have to worry about accidentally smashing into the TV since it is out of their way.

It is important to remember that a TV stand with a mount can be beneficial in many ways from saving you money long-term to making sure people who come into your living room are as safe as possible. Not only do they make a great space for your new flat screen TV, but they also save you the headache of trying to run cords behind walls or hiring expensive contractors and electricians to come over and install them for you. Lastly, it gives every person at home a good view of what’s on TV no matter where they sit or lay down in the living room. This ensures everyone stays happy even if someone else is hogging the remote control!