Best Wireless TENS Unit

TENS units have drawn plenty of attention over the last decade. Basically, portable units for home use clear the necessity of reaching a doctor or a medical facility for such therapies. They are cost-efficient and cost as much as a few therapies, so they practically pay for themselves in no time. They reduce the dependence on medical help, not to mention the necessity of analgesic drugs.

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Despite their small and portable appearance, home-based TENS units require some lead wires between the gelled pads and the actual device. Sure, no one will bother you at home. You can also use them at your office workplace or perhaps at the gym. When it comes to office uses, you have to hide the wires. This is not always possible. In order to lose this small inconvenience, more and more people turn to wireless models. So, what is the best wireless TENS unit then?

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AccuRelief’s wireless system is based on TENS technology. It is clinically proven to be as efficient as the large alternatives available in medical facilities. It is excellent against all kinds of pains – both chronic and acute. It is user-friendly and easy to adjust, but it also offers deep portability. No prescription is required for it, as it is FDA cleared for round-the-clock uses.

The system is preset and comes with three different types of therapy programs. At the same time, it offers not less than 20 levels of intensity. It can be mild and soft, but it can also get more powerful and efficient. It depends on your necessities, as well as how severe the pains are. Each therapy is set at 30 minutes, yet you can pause, stop or repeat it, depending on your needs.

Once the therapy session is over, the unit shuts down by itself. All in all, the wireless technology allows you to wear it discreetly. You can use both pads or just one of them. The package includes two controllers, two reusable electrode pads, remote control, and six batteries. You also have a few guides and manuals, as well as a carry bag.

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The Hollywog WiTouch TENS package is the ideal solution for those who suffer from specific pains, both acute and chronic. It makes no difference if they are caused by working out, office work, arthritis, surgeries, or other causes. All in all, this package draws some positive attention with its wireless capabilities, as well as the additional elements in its composition.

The TENS system comes with 10 sets of two gelled pads each. All of them are reusable, so you will not require any new pads for quite a while. At the same time, the remote battery is known for its extended life, as well as its longer durability. The unit is rated to be at least 20% more intense than other devices in this segment, but it also covers a larger area. When it comes to the batteries, you can use them for more than 150 sessions of 30 minutes each.

Apart from the wireless profile, the unit is lightweight and comfortable. No one will spot it. You will even forget you are even wearing it. Start with the preset programs if this is the first time you use a TENS machine.

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Hollywog has released the first wireless TENS systems on the market, so it is obviously one step ahead of the competition. Its products are among the best-rated ones in commerce. This one makes no exception either. The green massager has been followed by a few other special editions, so this is the basic and most common package.

The system has no side reactions. It is FDA-cleared and does not need a prescription. It is controlled with a handheld remote and does not imply using any lead wires. You can finally wear the unit at your office workplace, without worrying that someone might see the wires. It is lightweight and compact, so hiding it is piece of cake.

The electrode pads are gelled, reusable, and replaceable in the long run. As for the actual power, the unit offers 20% more intensity output than other TENS machines in its category. Given the pad size, it covers about 250% more than a traditional pad, so painful sensations become history within minutes only.

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Easy@home does not fool around when it comes to TENS units. This Easy@home Tens Unit wireless model makes no exception. It is FDA approved, but also lightweight and easy to keep discreet due to the wireless technology. Believe it or not, the remote controller can customize up to three different wireless receivers or electrode pads.

Both the receivers and the remote need to be recharged though. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about the electrode pads. They are gelled and can be reused around 30 times if properly maintained. Once they are over, you can find inexpensive pads in commerce. Wash them with cold water and store them accordingly.

The wireless TENS unit has two channels and offers LCD remote control. There are two wireless receivers in the package. You got one wide electrode pad for back uses, two 2”x3” electrode pads, and a recharging kit. Not sure how to use it? Check the quick start guide, but also go through the owner’s manual for further settings. The amplitude range and frequency are adjustable, depending on your settings.

In conclusion, choosing the best wireless TENS unit should not be such a big challenge. Most TENS units for home uses are fitted with lead wires. The wireless technology is more convenient though since it allows more freedom and it is easier to hide. This is what makes it the preferred option among people who need TENS machines in office jobs or while working out. They do not restrict their moves either.