Broil King Signet 90 Review

PROS: The Broil King Signet includes a rotisserie burner.

CONS: The primary grilling space is limited compared to other grills.

Rotisserie enthusiasts will like the Signet, and while it’s a fairly basic grill, it looks great and provides a stellar grilling experience.

The Broil King Signet gas grill offers all of the basics necessary for a backyard cooker, plus a few extras. This gas grill has three primary burners and excellent construction. The Signet also has a few notable features that make it a good choice for some specific cooking options.

This barbecue gas grill takes longer than average to heat – it took 10 minutes to reach 500 degrees Fahrenheit in our test. We found the slower-heating grills tend to retain heat better, which was true of this grill. The porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates had something to do with the heat retention as well. The tent-shaped grates leave a nice sear pattern on the meat and cook meat thoroughly and evenly.

At high temperatures, the meat has a tendency to stick to the grates, but simply turning the temperature down a bit solves this problem. This gas grill has a built-in temperature gauge that allows you to monitor the heat. The grates are also easier to clean than stainless steel grates. The propane tank fits snugly inside the stand because of a bar that holds it in place. This makes it difficult to secure in place, but once placed, it stays put.

The standout extra is the rotisserie kit included in the package. Most manufacturers of grills in our lineup sell the rotisserie kit separately. The rotisserie features on this grill are ready right out of the box. The high lid provides plenty of room to roast chicken comfortably above while grilling burgers and steaks below.

The Signet’s main grilling area doesn’t have a lot of depth, so the total primary cooking space is limited compared to other grills. We could fit 15 hamburger patties on the grill, which is below average but should be plenty of space for most social gatherings. This is a small complaint for a great grill that was one of the best we tested when it comes to the general grilling experience. The warming tray is relatively spacious, and we could fit 10 buns on it.

This Broil King grill is solidly constructed with some nice design features. The end tables include a shelf with a bar that securely holds things like condiments or paper towels so they won’t get bumped off or blown away. The housing material and burners are made of stainless steel, which resists rust and wears. The cooking grates are made of sturdy, porcelain-coated cast iron.

Weighing in at 138 pounds, this isn’t the heaviest grill we reviewed, but it isn’t especially mobile either. However, the lid sits high on this grill, so it is a comfortable height, especially for tall people. You don’t need to bend to open it. The Signet is also a little smaller than other grills, measuring 48 inches tall and 57 inches wide, so it’s easy to fit in storage and on your porch.

Broil King provides a five-year warranty on the main burners and a two-year warranty on the parts and paint. Compared with the Broil King Baron’s warranty, this is a little disappointing. If you have any problems with your Signet gas grill, you can contact Broil King customer support by phone or email. We contacted the company by phone and found its support team to be very friendly and helpful.

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The Broil King Signet is a great gas grill, offering some perks that set it apart from its competitors, like its included rotisserie kit. The rotisserie burner is a nice touch, allowing you to make efficient use of the space you have. The construction of this grill is impressive, and Broil King offers excellent customer support. Most importantly, it retains heat well and grills meat effectively. While the cooking space and power are not as impressive as some other products in our gas grill reviews, the Signet shines in all other areas.