Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike Review

Buying a good entry level mountain bike is probably one of the toughest decisions most people face when they want to enter into the world of biking. For an expert, it is very easy to know what factors need to be considered before buying a bike. However, for a novice, any bike would easily do the job. But this need not be the case. When you are out shopping for a bike, it is best not to compromise reliability, excellence and durability. One bike that offers all these features is the Diamondback Bicycles Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike. This bike blends some of the best features to give you an excellent ride at an extremely affordable price. So, why choose this bike?

To begin with, the Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike has a rugged masculine look that makes it ideal for men. The look comprises of a firmly fitted aluminum frame that is not only durable but also very strong. The frame links the handlebars to the saddle rod at an inclined angle to ensure the ride is as comfortable as it should be. This also makes it easier for novices to handle and control the bike at all times.

When you buy a mountain bike for the first time, one of the most important factors that you should consider is the traction power. To this end, the Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike does not disappoint at all. With the massive 29 inch wheels, this bike comes with the unrivaled capability to maneuver some of the worst terrains in the mountains. The wheels provide great traction power to propel you over rocky and loose surfaces with great momentum making it one of the best bikes in terms of performance.

The Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike gives you the best breaking power thanks to the high quality mechanical disk brakes on the front and rear wheels. For starters, the mechanical disk brakes are the best breaking systems in the market today with the best customer rating. Unlike the linear pull breaks, the disk brakes offer you more control of the bike and guarantees a dead stoppage even in emergency situations.

Another striking feature that most customers will find appealing on the Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike is the dual suspension capability. The double suspension forks offer efficient shock absorbing capabilities which make it easier and even more comfortable riding this beast on bumpy and unfriendly terrains. This leaves you feeling relaxed after a long ride as opposed to feeling fatigued and worked out.

  • 21 speed gear shifters
  • 29 inch wheels
  • Mechanical disk brakes
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Double walled alloy rims
  • Steel handlebars
  • Suspension forks
  • Aluminum frame
  • Aries rubber tires

To begin with, this bike comes with one of the coolest designs for men than any other bike in the market. It has a rugged look that makes it ideal for cross country biking on the rugged terrains of the mountain. Additionally, the design of the frame is such that it is firm and strong to allow you go over some of the worst terrains without the fear of damaging your bike.

Needless to say, the dual suspension feature of the Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike is one of the greatest benefits that come with the bike. This allows you to ride the bike over rocks and bumps and still not feel the stress that comes with riding on an uneven surface. The suspensions easily absorb shocks on both the front and rear wheels leaving you feeling relaxed after a long ride.

For a bike with this kind of power, a powerful braking system is more of a necessity than a luxury. To this end, the bike comes with powerful mechanical disk breaks that give you more control over the bike and great stopping power. The huge wheel size increases the momentum of the bike a great deal and therefore you will definitely need ultimate control of the bike when you are at top speed.

On the downside, one of the disadvantages of this bike is the fact that the saddle is padded with a thin material that wears out after a short period of time. This means you will not enjoy a comfortable ride for a long time despite the fact that it is a dual suspension bike. For its price, the materials and components used in its manufacture should have been of a greater quality.

Apart from this single design problem, this bike is generally a great buy and is as good as advertised. This problem can easily be fixed by buying a replacement.


  • It is a dual suspension bike which makes it a very comfortable ride.
  • It has mechanical disk brakes which provide great stopping power.
  • It comes with the massive 26 inch wheels that provide great traction power.


  • The saddle is thinly padded which makes it uncomfortable to sit on while riding.

The Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike has received some of the greatest reviews from customers. There are over 30 customer reviews with most customers happy with the general design and performance of the bike. Most customers are grateful for the fact that it comes semi-assembled and therefore much easier to assemble. Also, some customers are glad that the saddle is adjustable to suit people with different heights. Being a dual suspension bike, most customers think that it is “extremely comfortable” especially for novices who want the bike for fun.

The negative customer reviews point to the fact that the assembly manual of the bike is not written for novices and requires a lot of expert attention and skill to fully assemble the bike.

The Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike is a great bike that combines comfort and reliability to ensure you get the best out of your biking experience. While it is not a perfect mountain bike, the pros generally outweigh the cons and for its price, you have got yourself a deal that is worth more than its value.