KitchenAid Pro Line KMT4203CA Review

KitchenAid Pro Line KMT4203CA
KitchenAid Pro Line KMT4203CA

KitchenAid is a premium name brand in the kitchen. The KitchenAid stand mixer is an icon that many chefs will swear by, and the company’s Pro Line of kitchen appliances offers the same value. The KitchenAid Pro Line toaster is the best toaster we reviewed, and it is our Top Ten Reviews.

It combines an ideal design that blends classic elements with modern accents and functions. The toasting cycle is fully automatic, sensing the bread when it’s placed in the toasting slots. The toaster is packed full of controls, like the A Little Longer button, and the Lift and Look function allows you to check the browning of your bread mid-cycle. The KitchenAid Pro Line toaster is the perfect blend of modern function with classic competence.

The KitchenAid Pro Line takes automatic toasting to another level. Each toasting slot includes a sensor that will be triggered when you insert your bread. You don’t have to press a lever or even press a button. The toasting cycle starts while you are selecting your desired shade setting, and the bread will rise again when it’s done. The digital display with an LED shade indicator allows you to choose between the seven preset shade settings. You can even choose a browning level somewhere between the presets, so you will be able to get the precise doneness you desire. The toasting slots are self-centering, so when you place your bread into the toaster, it will position it at an equal distance from the heating element. This ensures the toast will get a balanced browning during the toasting cycle. The extra-wide slots are ideal for toasting bagels and artisan bread. The additional width allows you to hand-cut even thicker slices for toasting.

The LED shade display doubles as a progress indicator. This gives you a clear indication of how much longer the toasting cycle will take. The KitchenAid Pro Line toaster comes in both two- and four-slice styles. On the four-slice model, KitchenAid provides you with dual toasting controls. This allows you to toast two different items, with two different settings, at the same time.

The Lift and Look feature lets you pause the toasting cycle and the toaster will raise the bread for inspection. You may cancel the toasting process if your bread has reached the desired doneness, or you can continue to adjust the toasting cycle if you want your bread browner. At any time during the toasting process, you can add more time by pressing the A Little Longer button. When you press this button, the KitchenAid Pro Line will add additional time to increase the browning by one shade setting. This will help you to zero in on exactly the toast doneness you desire. This toaster includes controls for toasting bagels, defrosting different types of bread, and canceling the toasting cycle. It also has an automatic warming control. For up to three minutes after the toasting cycle, the toaster will keep your toast warm. The bread will lower back down during the warming process, but the elements will only warm and not toast the bread. This lets you have a hot slice of toast even when you aren’t there right when the toasting cycle finishes.

KitchenAid uses a uniform design throughout its entire Pro-Line series of kitchen appliances. The Pro Line toaster’s design coordinates well with KitchenAid’s iconic 1937 stand mixer and with other appliances in the line, but it can stand alone to give a designer-level accent to any kitchen counter. The Pro Line toaster is designed with a heavyweight die-cast frame, and it comes in four colors. The frame adds weight to the toaster, with the four-slice model weighing 18 pounds. This makes the toaster difficult to move if you don’t plan to store it on the countertop. The toaster’s design lends itself to easy cleanup. You can wipe the sides of the toaster without fear of losing its shine. It also doesn’t pick up visible fingerprints like other high-gloss metal toasters. The toaster includes a removable crumb tray that eliminates the troublesome task of shaking clean the toasting elements.

The KitchenAid Pro Line carries an amazing five-year warranty. KitchenAid is so confident in the quality of the Pro Line products that if they should fail within the first five years of ownership, the company will arrange to deliver an identical replacement to you free of charge. KitchenAid will cover the new replacement unit with a five-year warranty, as well. Included with the toaster is a well-designed user manual that will walk you through the Pro Line’s many functions. Plus, if you ever lose the hard copy, KitchenAid provides a digital copy of the manual on its website. For any other concerns, you might have about your toaster KitchenAid, has great customer support tools for answering your questions, including an email form and live chat. There is also a toll-free number if you would prefer to speak with someone. KitchenAid’s commitment to its Pro Line toaster results in the best help and support options among the toasters we researched.

The KitchenAid Pro Line toaster is the best four-slice toaster we reviewed. The heavy frame can make it difficult to move back and forth if you plan to store it in a cupboard between uses. Yet, the design is a superb blend of modern and classic that will add a delightful accent to kitchens. In addition to looking good, it offers features that help you get exactly the toast you want. The automatic start to the toasting function, the warming setting, the Lift and Look function, and the A Little Longer control give you a high level of control over the toasting process.

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