Sungale CPF708 7″ Smart Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame with Touch Screen Operation Review

Pictures look crisp, colorful and true to life on this screen.

CONS / The setup can be long and tricky.

 VERDICT / There is a learning curve with this frame, but it is worth it for the features and excellent picture quality you get.

Precious memories deserve an electronic picture frame that shows them the proper respect. The Sungale Cloud Frame, our Top Ten Reviews, offers excellent picture quality and a comprehensive system to help you organize and cherish your memories for years to come. This frame gathers photos easily from a truly wide range of resources, including your social media accounts and physical storage like photo cards. You manage it all from a dedicated Sungale account online, which you can access anywhere. That means you can even send new photos to a family member’s photo frame in another country in just a matter of seconds.

In our evaluation, the Sungale’s display evoked an overwhelmingly positive response. The Sungale garnered the highest scores in our lineup for color, clarity and other aspects of photo reproduction. One of our independent reviewers commented that it had a “crisp picture.” Another said the images were “a little more saturated, but not grainy, and really clean.”

The one possible problem that affects picture quality is the high potential for fingerprints. Although you control most of the content online, you can use the touchscreen to maneuver the various menus, and, as a result, you have to deal with fingerprints on your frame. Unlike the thumbprints that used to find their way onto glossy printed photos, though, the thumb marks that collect on the Sungale Cloud Frame are easy to wipe off.

With an aspect ratio of 16:9, this frame is designed to suit widescreen images, though it looks nice displaying other photo types too. Sometimes the automatic resizing makes the photos look smaller – properly proportioned but small. In the words of one reviewer, “It has great quality but doesn’t resize pictures to fit the frame.”

The Sungale Cloud Frame is not a champion in terms of user friendliness. It was one of the hardest wireless digital frames in our review to set up. It takes some time and energy to connect it to the internet, set up your online accounts and organize photos. With the more basic frames, you just plug in a USB jump drive and start watching.

The internet-connected units are worth it, though, especially this one. There is an ease of use that comes with being able to share photos from any computer, and if you do the initial setup for a far-off friend or relative, they don’t have to tinker with the frame much after that. Once you get through the relatively intense setup process, this frame rejoins the classification of user-friendly.

The frame also is relatively easy because of the touchscreen controls, something familiar to any smartphone user, and you can add photos to your frame from your smartphone. All of this adds to the initial setup, but then it becomes really simple and convenient.

This is the best digital photo frame in terms of versatility, because it can play almost anything from almost anywhere. You may or may not want to watch a movie from Netflix on the picture frame that sits on your nightstand, but we like that you have the option with this unit. A more obvious use for video capability is watching all the short clips you have on your camera’s SD card, Dropbox account or similar source. Videos are not a problem on the Sungale Cloud Frame.

This frame has a detachable kickstand, so you can hang it on the wall or set it on a desk. This digital photo frame could be better in terms of slideshow options, but four transitions should be enough for most people. You can display photos for as little as five seconds or as much as two hours each. Some competitors let you display images for up to 24 hours, but the two-hour max with the Sungale Cloud Frame is sufficient.

This wireless picture frame comes with a one-year warranty, which is pretty standard, and we found the Sungale team very responsive, though an online chat option would be a nice addition to its offerings. The answers to most possible questions are easy to find in the extensive FAQs, downloadable electronic manuals and informative product pages on the company’s website.

You have to pay more to get the kind of sophisticated features you find in the Sungale Cloud Frame, but in the case of this Wi-Fi picture frame, it’s worth it. You make a bigger investment of time and money up front, but once it’s ready, you don’t have to worry about how and where to store your photos for a very long time. Photos look great on this frame.