The 10 Best Tripods for iPhone

Best iPhone Tripods
Best iPhone Tripods

Are you sick of blurred iPhone photos? Never fear, all you need is a best tripod for iPhone.

A tripod is a must-have accessory for sharp photos: this is as true for iPhoneography, as it is for traditional photography.

Join us as we guide you through the 10 best iPhone tripods available in 2023.

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The Joby GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse iPhone tripod is so versatile that you can shoot from almost any angle. You aren’t limited to positioning the tripod on just one surface, thanks to its flexible, magnetic legs. Bend the legs around objects or alternatively, attach to a metal surface via the magnetic feet.

Furthermore, the mount moves through 90 degrees: which allows very quick change between portrait and landscape orientation–or anything in-between!

A Bluetooth remote is included which means you don’t need to touch your phone to take the shot: eliminating the risk of camera shake. Likewise, the trigger is great if you want to include yourself in the shot–it works at a distance of up to 90 feet.

This tripod is compact when folded up and slips easily into a pocket. It’s also very light and very portable.

The spring-loaded mount makes it easy to attach your iPhone and it supports all iPhone models.

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You get a lot for your money with the Hitch Phone Tripod. It’s not quite as sturdy as some of the more expensive models, but this in itself has advantages.

The dainty nature of this iPhone tripod makes it extremely lightweight and portable. It also comes with a handy nylon bag for storage and transportation.

Whilst the tripod may be a little too flimsy for heavier cameras, it’s more than sufficient to support your iPhone.

Another useful feature is the spirit level. As a result, you’ll be able to make ensure your shot is level and guarantee straight horizons in landscape photography.

There are also plenty of additional features usually reserved for more expensive models: quick-release leg locks make height adjustment easy, and a Bluetooth remote guarantees no camera shake when you press the shutter.

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This early model of the Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod Kit is arguably the best iPhone tripod. Newer models have additional features that add to the bulk and detract from portability.

Other manufacturers have taken inspiration from this popular design. The PIXI, however, benefits from weighted legs that you won’t get in cheaper versions.

Consequently, it easily supports the weight of even the largest and heaviest iPhone models. This is essential to prevent your iPhone from falling flat, literally, when you set up your shot.

There are no fiddly clamps to navigate, as the legs are moved apart and held in place by friction alone.

The small size and ease of use of this iPhone tripod make it ideal for getting low and close for macro photography.

The ball and socket tripod head let you easily move your iPhone when it’s in place. Moreover, the standard 1/4 tripod mount can be used with other cameras.

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You’ll struggle to find a tripod as small as the Kenu Stance. In fact, it is smaller than a pack of gum! Furthermore, the built-in keyring attachment makes it extremely portable.

The Kenu is compatible with the iPhone 5 and above, namely, any models that have a lightning port.

It attaches to the phone via the lightning port, which helps keep the weight and size down as there is no need for a separate phone mount. And don’t worry, you’re not stuck shooting in portrait orientation: simply fold the legs flat to pivot and stabilize your iPhone to landscape orientation.

At such a low price and with such a discrete design, every iPhonographer should carry a Kenu iPhone tripod with them.

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The Jelly Grip Tripod’s soft mount material is its unique selling point.

The arms are spring-loaded so that tension holds your iPhone securely in place, and the soft-touch rubber material won’t scratch your smartphone.

The mount is adjustable through 360 degrees to get the perfect angle for any shot. The tension of the joint is also adjustable ensuring your iPhone is held precisely in place once a shot is composed.

The height of the tripod is adjustable within the limits of the leg length. Consequently, its relatively short legs are most suited to being placed on a table.

The jelly grip mount and tripod combination is extremely light and easily folds to fit into a pocket, making it extremely portable.

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The Fotopro UFO2 has great value and offers the same quality as some of the more expensive flexible leg tripods.

Furthermore, it benefits from waterproof legs, so you’ll be able to stand the tripod in shallow water quite happily. You can wade in with no worry of water corrosion damage to the tripod. Although consider protecting your iPhone in a waterproof case if you are going to be shooting in water.

It also comes with a Bluetooth remote–handy if you’re taking a shot from a dry position.

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The Fugetek Selfie Stick and Tripod is both heavy-duty and lightweight.

The mount can be rotated and tilted, allowing shots to be taken from multiple angles.

The Fugetek has a screw mechanism to tighten the mount, which is not as quick to attach as spring-loaded mounts, but does give a secure fit.

If used as a selfie stick, you’ll be able to position your phone a full 51 inches away: longer than regular selfie sticks, giving a good distance to get plenty in the shot.

Use the handy Bluetooth remote if you want to include yourself in the shot at an even greater distance. There’s even a handy storage point on the tripod to store the remote when not in use.

It collapses down to 19 inches for storage and transportation.

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The Compact Light Tripod is another great tripod from Manfrotto. This time it is a full-sized tripod, which gives even more options when taking a shot.

It’s not the lightest tripod, but with the compromise of more weight, you get an extremely sturdy and stable mechanism that will take good care of your iPhone.

It makes use of the same iPhone mount as the Manfrotto PIXI mini. The ball head adjustment for the iPhone mount and levers for the legs, make it really easy to set up a shot.

It’s a great option for many photography genres including landscape photography, portrait photography, still life photography and travel photography.

Plus, you can also detach the central support leg and use it as a selfie stick.

It collapses down and can be transported safely in the supplied padded protective bag.

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The Eocean 45-Inch Selfie Stick Tripod has a handy 2-in-1 design: simply open the handle to convert to a tripod, and close the handle for a selfie stick.

It won’t weigh you down as it is light and small enough to carry with you all the time.

It collapses down to just over 8 inches in length: a size not much bigger than your iPhone!

A USB rechargeable wireless remote is also supplied, and you’ll get a shooting time of between 20 and 25 hours with each charge.

The strengths of the Eocean fall more squarely on the selfie stick side. However, it also works well as a tripod, so if you think you’ll benefit from both, it’s a good choice.

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This tripod is a great option from UBeesize which offers similar functionality to some of the more expensive tripods. And not only do you get an iPhone tripod for a bargain price, but you also get a lifetime warranty.

The flexible legs are great for positioning your iPhone perfectly for every shot. Secure the legs to an object, or bend them to ensure stability on uneven surfaces. The non-slip feet also add some stability.

Getting the shot you want is made easy by the fully adjustable ball head. Furthermore, screw tightening ensures your iPhone won’t move once in position.

And with a Bluetooth remote included too, the UBeesize is truly hard to beat for the money.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing an iPhone tripod:

  • Stability: you don’t want to risk the tripod toppling over with your expensive iPhone attached;
  • Weight and size: important for portability.
  • Ease of use and mode of attachment: you don’t want to waste time or miss the shot trying to attach your phone to the tripod.
  • Type of photography: For example, if you’re shooting travel photography, you’ll need something lightweight.
  • Extension length: this can be the deciding factor. For example, you’ll need one which extends further for landscape photography than you will if you’re shooting macro photography.

And let’s not forget the price. While high-quality tripods can come with an expensive price tag you’ll also find plenty of budget options.

There’s a lot more to an iPhone tripod than three legs and support. And there’s a lot to weigh up before you buy.

But as a relatively inexpensive piece of kit, you may even want to invest in more than one so all bases are covered.

One thing is for sure, a tripod is a sure-fire way to get sharper your iPhone photos.

Do you have a favorite iPhone tripod? Do you use one we haven’t mentioned? Tell us in the comments below.