Weber Spirit E-330 Review

Weber Spirit E-330 Review
Weber Spirit E-330 Review

The Weber Spirit E-330 is a midrange, three-burner gas grill that cooked every piece of meat we tested evenly and thoroughly. This updated propane grill in the Spirit series includes a searing station, which is a burner with 7,500 Btu to add an extra shot of heat so you can quickly sear food. You can prevent overcooking thin cuts of meat with a quick sear and then move the meat to a cooler spot on your grill.

We had a bit of trouble in our first test of the Weber Spirit. After 20 minutes, the grill’s temperature gauge read 380 F, but when we checked with an infrared thermometer, it read 547 F. In subsequent tests, the grill heated faster and to a higher temperature, but the gauge on the lid of this barbecue grill can’t be trusted. Also, we kept the grill going and noted the temperature change over a long period, and found that the Weber Spirit E-330 fluctuated quite a bit with every lift of the lid.

In spite of the lack of consistency in heat, this grill cooks food well, thanks to the heat retention of the porcelain-coated, cast-iron grates. We consider this one of the best gas grills available because it’s fun and easy to use. It produces just enough smoke to add flavor to your food, but it has decent ventilation, so you aren’t covered with smoke every time you open the lid. It’s a smaller grill, but it’s a decent size for an average household – you can fit about 20 burgers on the main grill, and the side grill makes it easy to prepare side dishes without having to run back and forth to your kitchen.


This Weber grill’s design is well thought out. Grease drips down into the removable grease tray, which makes cleanup easy. The grates are easy to scrub clean too. Three accessory hooks are built into both sides of the grill, so you can keep your barbecue tools organized and on hand.


Like all Weber outdoor grills, this one is protected by a 10-year burner warranty and a two-year parts warranty, so you can get free replacements or repairs if there are defects. In addition to email and phone customer support, you can find FAQs, manuals, and grilling tips on Weber’s website.

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Top-rated gas grills like the Weber Spirit E-330 make cooking outdoors fun. Design details like the removable grease trays and easy-to-clean grates mean you won’t spend most of your time cleaning the grill, so you’re likely to get outside and grill more. In spite of its inconsistent heat, this Weber gas grill cooked everything we threw at it well.