The 15 Best Personal Portable Blenders

The most popular kitchen appliance is the portable blender. It was originally designed to blend and pulverize foods, as the name suggests. Technology and time have advanced to the point that blenders are now capable of performing beyond their original purpose. Modern blenders are capable of making dough, whip creams, and heat soups. They can also make nut butter and other useful things.

Personal blenders quickly became a popular trend as health awareness grew and was firmly established. It’s no surprise that it is so easy to make a healthy smoothie anywhere, anytime. The portable blenders are not very powerful and versatile. This is not a problem as they are very versatile and powerful. This blender is used mainly for smoothies and shakes, and very little else.

Blenders in this category are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. They can also fit into small bags. Portable blenders are very affordable due to all of the above. This is an added bonus.

PopBabies Personal Blender

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The PopBabies Personal Blender is a great way to learn about portable blenders if you have never used one before. This product perfectly illustrates how portable blenders should look and function, giving you a clear idea of what to search for.

This item appears to be a sports bottle at first glance. However, it also has a button on the front and a USB port on the back. The base is a powder-blue color and comes with a clear cup container, lid, and handle.

It’s compact and you would not be able to tell it was a blender if you didn’t know.

It promises to crush and blend different ingredients with its 2200 rpm rate and 4000 mAh lithium-ion battery.

It is very compact and battery-powered, which surprises many people. When choosing a product, you will need to chop up the ingredients into smaller pieces.

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle

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This piece is a great option if you don’t want a large investment in a single-serve blender. This blender is less than twenty dollars, but it includes everything you need to make a delicious smoothie.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the base. However, it has some decent and sweet finishes that will complement your colorful tastes. You can use the 250-watt motor to cut fresh fruits and leafy greens.

The housing is made of tough plastic. Standard ice cubes can be blended, but with some liquid. This blender was the most efficient for crushing ice.

The maximum capacity of the blending container is 20 ounces. This should yield approximately two-and-a-half cups of a blend. It also has a blade assembly that you can attach to the lid to begin blending.

This means that the container must be mounted upside down on the base so that it can blend. You can’t add liquids or other ingredients to the mixture while it is still being blended.

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender - Best Portable Blender for Travel

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This is the best portable blender for traveling, as I have just said. This blender is not only affordable and compact, but it also has high customer recommendations (more than 14,000 positive reviews).

This little blender works just like a regular full-size blender, unlike the Nutribullet which requires you to invert the cups before it blends. The motor base has a start button, and the blending cup has a gear drive system at its bottom.

Because the container mounts on the base, it can be used as a countertop machine, and there are very few chances of leakage.

The power base contains a 175-watt motor. This is sufficient for most blending tasks. It’s not recommended for use with frozen fruits and dry ice. Many purchasers complained that the motor was smaller than the minimum.

The stainless steel that is fitted can handle raw fruits or vegetables well. It won’t be difficult to handle crushed ice and frozen fruits.

Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender

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The Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender features a 700-watt motor base that uses pulse technology to pulverize frozen fruits and vegetables. The set includes the base, two 16-ounce cups, and two sipping lids.

All parts that can be removed are made of BPA-free plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Noise levels are between “not quiet” and “not too loud.” The model can also chop nuts and seeds to increase protein and grind coffee beans and other spices.

The cups measure seven inches in height and can be easily transported with the unit.

This personal blender is not meant to handle hot liquids. Attachments are not available for larger cups. This small blender is a great choice because it can crush ice and freeze fruit.

Ninja BL610 Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender

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Guess what? We have another product from Ninja. This brand has been inspiring many lifestyles around the world for decades. Ninja blenders are currently the most well-known blender company in the world.

Ninja kitchen gadgets are trusted by many, and blender reviews speak for themselves.

As our next blender, Ninja Professional (BL610), is on our 2021 wish list. It’s a countertop blender that uses total crushing technology. Because of its buyers’ loyalty and the attractive price package, it has been Amazon’s Choice for a long time.

This blender is stylish and high-quality. The Ninja Total Crushing Technology allows you to make restaurant-quality frozen desserts by ice-crushing frozen fruits and then blending them for smoothies or salsas.

Ninja Professional (BL610) is the perfect solution for hosting a party at your home. The mixer jar has a 72-ounce liquid capacity. It can make large batches of delicious vegetable juices, cream drinks, margaritas, and daiquiris for your entire family.

Six sharp, cutting-edge, stacked blades quickly blast through the ice cubes to create snow that is ready for sauces and dips. All components can be washed in the dishwasher. To clean the motor base, it is best to use a damp cloth as the water can cause sparks.

Magic Bullet Mini Personal Blender

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The Magic Bullet Mini Portable Blender makes it easy to make your own smoothies anywhere you go. You can choose your ingredients and make your favorite smoothies. This is not the Vejo blender that uses smoothie pods.

The Magic Bullet’s powerful blades can break down even tough seeds and ice, so you can use a wide variety of ingredients. The Magic Bullet can be used to make smoothies and protein shakes.

Although you might be concerned at first about the size of this cup attachment, many customers are surprised at how many smoothies they can make in one go. The Magic Bullet 16-ounce Magic Bullet Cup is large enough to make a healthy smoothie.

The Magic Bullet’s compact design makes it easy to transport on long trips. It may not be suitable for camping in the wild. Unfortunately, because the engine’s power is so great, the 200W motor base does not come with USB charging.

The good news is that you can wash the Magic Bullet with soap and water. The Magic Bullet blender is much more affordable than the Vejo blender.

Tribest Personal Blender

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The Tribest Pb150 Personal Blender is a compact model that has a modern and sleek look. Its compact design makes it easy to transport. Two 16-ounce BPA-free, blending cups come with the package.

These cups can be washed in the dishwasher, but the tops don’t allow for sipping. You’ll need to take off the cover before you can drink from the cup.

Compatible with mason jars To make this blender more versatile, you can purchase accessories such as plastic lids or O-rings. This blender has a base motor of 200 watts.

It is, therefore, less powerful than other blenders and may have difficulty with large pieces of frozen fruit or ice cubes. Operation is stopped if the blades of the blender are not fully enclosed as an added safety measure.

This model is lightweight at four pounds and comes with a one-year warranty.

This may not be the best option if you make smoothies every day. It may work well for occasional use.

Cuisinart CPB-300

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This blender is a personal portable blender that does more than making smoothies. Cuisinart CPB300 Blender is different from other blending machines in its category. It has three speeds, including a pulse mode.

This allows you to use the machine in a variety of ways. You don’t have to make smoothies or shakes. Instead, you can also make appetizers and desserts such as pesto, salsa, and hummus.

350 Watts of power suffices for all these tasks.

The best part about the Cuisinart blender CPB-300 Blender is that you get 4 small chopping cups and 4 travel cups. These can be easily stored in a cup holder. All cups have no-spill lids.

Cuisinart CPB300 Blender may not be the most glamorous in design but it is beautiful with its clean and simple combination of dark plastics and polished metal. The containers are made from impact-resistant, BPA-free plastic.

They can be washed in the dishwasher easily and are lightweight. The measurement marks on the blending jug are clearly visible.

Gevi Min Portable Cordless Juicer

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The Gevi mini cordless portable juicer is the ideal gift for fruit juice enthusiasts. You can simply add the fruit to the cup and then fit the main motor. In 40 seconds you’ll have a refreshing fruit juice drink.

To get smoother juice, some users suggest shaking the mixture upside down. It’s important to not mix it upside-down!

To make a great smoothie, you can add water, milk, or any other liquids. Amazon customers have even reported that they used this juicer to create thicker and colder juices.

This juicer works at a lower speed than other blenders so you might be better off sticking to soft fruits. It is possible for large ice cubes to damage the product. However, crushed ice works fine.

The juicer can be washed in just 10 seconds. BPA-free, the Gevi juicer only allows you to consume healthy fruit. You can charge the juicer via USB.

This allows you to take the juicer on long flights, to the gym, or to work to replenish your body’s nutritional stores. The blender can be charged fully 10 times before it needs to be recharged. The perfect companion for health-conscious travelers is the juicer.

Epica Personal Blender

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I’m not too excited about the prices of the above-mentioned items. You might find the Epica Personal Blender more appealing. This budget-friendly option offers many of the same features and specifications as the other options on the list, making it an appealing choice for those with tight budgets.

This device is affordable, but many people are surprised to learn that it has a powerful motor of 300 watts that can run up to 2300 RPM. This device promises great power and can handle various types of ingredients without overheating.

The BPA-free, break-resistant blending container is another highlight. It’s extremely durable so you don’t need to worry about cracks and drinking directly from it while on the go.

It can withstand temperatures up to 112°F. You can rest assured that it will not shatter due to the temperature of its contents.

Many people like the on/off switch for their bullet-style blender.

Instead of pressing down on the container, you can press the switch to start blending. This might work better for those with a heavier hand.

This item is also more portable than other bullet-style blenders. It is therefore easier to pack and bring along on the road.

Although you will still need to have a power source, it won’t take up too much space in your bag.

NutriBullet Pro Portable Blender

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The NutriBullet Pro 900 high-speed blender is undoubtedly the best personal blender in the world. This blender is an excellent combination of price, power, and performance.

The Pro 900 blender packs a lot of power considering its small size. The Pro 900 blender is ideal for small kitchens with limited space but still needs to do a lot of blending.

It comes in more than 9 colors and costs less than $100. There are thousands of rave reviews about this unit, which is also proven to be very effective.

This blender is ideal for anyone who needs a portable and lightweight personal blender to use in their kitchen or office.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 has a powerful motor. The NutriBullet Pro 900 has a crushing power of 900 watts to crush ice, seeds, frozen fruits, and vegetables. You can also use the blades to chop up spinach and kale into liquid. No more leaves!

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is easy to use because there are no buttons or switches. The motor’s 900-watt power provides enough power to handle both hard and non-sticky ingredients. You can even pulse by pressing down on the blending cup in very short intervals.

The Pro 900 can still perform in a variety of settings, even without preset or variable speeds. It also allows for the adjustment of the blend’s duration. Different functions, such as grinding, cutting, or blending, will require a different time for blending.

You get more than just power. The NutriBullet is portable and has nutrient extraction blades. It is ideal for taking work with you, leaving it in the office lunchroom, and returning to your home at the end. It is lightweight and easily fits in your hand.

The unit is small enough to fit under standard kitchen cabinets without any problems and has plenty of space. It may feel heavier than smaller bullet blenders and be more difficult to move.

The Pro 900 blender is more durable than similar models because it has rubber grips at the bottom that make it stable when used.

The Pro 900 comes with cups and lids so you can take your drink along. It is easier to clean the cups after use because of their wide mouth.

Vitamix S30 S-Series Blender - Best Vitamix Personal Blender

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Despite its small size and low motor power, the machine works as well as larger models. It can pulverize flaxseeds, raw carrots, and pineapple as well as ice and frozen foods.

To support the operation, make sure that there is some liquid in the bottom of your container.

This model was designed for personal use and is a great gadget. The blender is a little too small to be used by a family of three or more.

The Vitamix full-sized blender is better for families than if you are making small batches of smoothies.

This appliance is not lightweight, despite its claims. You might be able to use it as a travel companion.

It’s quiet and easy to clean in other areas. You can also adjust the speed of the motor.

You can adjust the speed according to the task by using the pulse function. The small footprint design is elegant and takes up very little space.

Supkitdin Portable Blender

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This portable blender is made with 6 stainless steel blades in 304 stainless steel and has a powerful power system. The blender is powered by a copper motor that makes smoothies from fruits and vegetables in just one minute.

The juicer comes with 2000mAh high-quality, rechargeable batteries. They can be charged in a variety of ways including power bank, AC adapter, and computer. The juicer can make 15-20 cups of juice if fully charged.

The Supkitdin Portable Blender can make nutritious smoothies, juice mixes, mix fruits, vegetables, coffee, milk powder, and protein shakes. You can also use it as a regular bottle.

La Reveuse Personal Blender For Smoothies

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We have to admit that we didn’t immediately recognize the name and brand of one the most popular blender manufacturers when we were searching the internet for product reviews. We didn’t know what “La Reveuse” was, but we found out that they have great stuff and we will be learning more about them.

We respect companies who know their market and target it. La Reveuse currently makes food processors and blenders, as well as accessories.

This tells us that La Reveuse is a dedicated company that wants to perfect a specific type of kitchen appliance, before expanding into other products.

How are they doing? This portable blender is quite good.

It’s not the fastest unit we tested, at 12,500 rpms. But it’s certainly not a slouch. Although it doesn’t have an internal rechargeable battery it is still very solid and long-lasting.

We don’t like one thing. There is no power button. This means that the blender will start working when you plug it into a power source. Make sure that your ingredients are in the cup before the blender turns on.


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This sleek, stylish, portable blender is not only the most striking on our list but also one of the best value products that you can find when considering price, performance, and durability, as well as price.

Although it’s not as expensive as most blenders, it’s still a good value at about the same price as a few fruit smoothies. It’s a good choice. It is very important.

VersionTECH blenders are significantly smaller than their competitors. Although almost everyone in the industry agrees on a 16oz(ish-ounce) juice capacity, the VersionTECH blender seems content with a smaller juice. This results in increased portability.

VersionTECH blender fits in most backpack water bottle compartments. It is small enough to fit into a backpack or bag without taking up too much space.

The reduced number of blades (4x instead 6x) could be seen as a disadvantage. According to our observations, more blades mean more power.

The VersionTECH portable juicer can handle average ice and frozen fruit with a little more liquid.

The motor is less robust than other models. Manufacturers recommend not using the motor concurrently for more than 3-4 times in order to prevent overheating. If you are going to be using it for a longer time, it may be worth investing in a larger blender.

Because of their small size and ease of use, personal blenders make excellent appliances. Although these time-saving appliances may seem obvious, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you buy one.

You should also consider the blending cups when shopping for a personal blender. Consider how many cups you need, what size they are, and what lid design. You should also look out for additional features like measurement markings, ergonomic handles, and non-slip sleeves.

Remember that personal blenders have a tendency to flip blending cups upside down. To ensure that the liquid ingredients don’t stick to your jar, you need to pour them in first.

You should also consider how large the actual blending cups are. You can easily put your ingredients in the blender jar with a wider opening. A narrower opening will be more difficult to use and, if they are too large, it will affect the usability and portability.

This feature is great, especially if you need to keep soups warm or smoothies cool while on the go. These varieties are likely to be more costly and will require a more expensive personal blender.

You need to take into account the power of your blender, depending on the purpose. You might not be able to use a cheaper machine to break down the ice or deal with large chunks of frozen food well.

Even a lower-power blender will work if you only need to blend soft ingredients. If you need to make morning smoothies that can be made with frozen ingredients, however, you will need to use a higher-power blender.

Personal blenders with higher power will allow you to chop through the ice faster. They are also more useful for making frozen drinks and smoothies.

Each office should have a blender. Every office should allow employees to bring their blenders to work. This is a great way to keep healthy and not be stuck in your cubicle. If you have the right ingredients, it is a great way for you to prepare your lunch at work.

A personal blender can be used to make small batches at work, or you could purchase a portable unit that you can take with you to the office. You can do what you want. There are some things to remember when shopping for the best blender in the office.

You don’t want your blender making everyone mad at you. This is not ideal and will result in you losing your blender privileges. You will want a small blender that doesn’t make too much noise. Although most personal blenders are quiet, some blenders can be louder than others.

You should also consider how fast your blender can make smoothies. Even if your blender isn’t making too much noise, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a lot of noise. This can be very annoying. A powerful blender can quickly make your drink.

It is important to not waste money if you bring your blender from home or leave it at work. It’s possible for it to get lost in transit, when Greg from accounting grabs it, or whenever your eyes aren’t open.

If you’re bringing your blender to work, don’t spend a lot of money. Anything less than $100 is acceptable and can be replaced. I don’t recommend spending more than that.

Let’s discuss cups. A strong blender should be portable, light, compact, and easy to use outside the office. But, the most important thing is to get the right cups. A small blender should come with high-quality cups to go so you don’t mess up.

You shouldn’t bring a blender or large container to work. This is not something people want in their lunchrooms. A blender that uses only to-go cups must be purchased. It is easy to fill the cup with ingredients, attach the blades and blend for approximately 30 seconds. Then, you can return your drink to your desk.

You can take your portable blender along if you are driving. Blenders are not permitted to be carried onboard if you fly. If you plan to fly with one, make sure to properly pack it in your checked luggage. PopBabies portable blenders are not allowed to be carried. Make sure you take care of these restrictions before packing your device.

It all depends on your needs and circumstances. As long as they have power outlets, some people will be fine with small bullet-style blenders. Some people might prefer to use battery-powered blenders for their daily needs.

The best blenders for traveling are those that don’t require a plug-in. You might not have access to power when you travel so your blender might not work if it is required to be plugged into. This is where the versatility of battery-powered blenders can be a great help.

These blenders are more portable than regular bullet-style blenders and don’t require any attachments. These blenders are much more portable than traditional bullet-style blenders. This makes them ideal for people who move around a lot.

You should be focusing on the power and blade when looking for a blender to make ice or freeze fruit recipes such as margaritas. Although personal blenders are usually less powerful than 1000 watts, they can still process more difficult materials such as ice.

Nutribullet 600 or 900 blenders, which have 600-watt or 900-watt motors, can blend frozen fruits with sufficient liquid. Portable blenders such as the MODERN COMFORT MC–PRB-01 with a 260-watt output are also possible.

Other kitchen tasks that you can do with a personal blender are chopping, stirring liquids, and sometimes grinding.

For personal blenders, a power base that can run at 100 to 350 Watts is sufficient. For commercial use, blenders should have a motor wattage greater than 500 Watts to be able to extract bulk quantities of liquid without danger.

Personal blenders come in many styles, from simple and sleek to elegant and simple. It can be difficult to choose the right one. We hope you found the right one after reading our reviews. We think the Ninja QB3001SS Personal Blender is the best small blender overall, offering 700 watts of power at an affordable price. Our top choice is the Oster BLSTPBWPK Blender. It is affordable and comes in a sports-sized container. The NutriBullet High-Speed Blender NB9-1301 is our top choice. It boasts a staggering 900 watts and 32 ounces of container capacity. We wish you all the best on your journey to better health!