Broil King Baron 440 Review

The Broil King Baron 440 is easily one of the best gas grills we tested in terms of overall grilling experience. It’s not the most spacious or fastest-heating grill in our reviews, but it performs well in the area that matters most: grilling your meat.

This is an affordable propane grill with four main burners and a convenient side burner for cooking vegetables and other side dishes. It has sturdy construction with cast-iron grates. While it isn’t packed with extras, it comes with all of the essentials and then some. As one of the best grills in our lineup, the Broil King Baron is very deserving of the Top Reviews Bronze Award.

This is far from the fastest-heating grill in our lineup. It took almost 11.5 minutes to heat to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in our test. But when it came time to grill meat, it quickly became apparent this was one of the best outdoor grills we’d seen. It cooks meat evenly and thoroughly. You can place the meat anywhere on the grill and get similar results. The cast-iron grates lock in the heat and create nice sear patterns on the meat.


We found that, at high temperatures, meat has an above-average tendency to stick to this grill. But you can largely overcome this problem by simply lowering the temperature. The cast-iron grates cleaned up nicely after we finished grilling. Although the grill takes longer to heat than most, it cooked our meat quickly because of the grates’ high capacity for retaining heat.


Btu measures power as it relates to the generation of heat. You want a barbecue grill with a Btu that isn’t too high or too low for its grilling area and number of burners. This grill generates 50,000 Btu across four main burners, which is neither too high nor too low for that many burners. The side burner generates 10,000 Btu, which is just right for side dishes.


The primary grilling space on this grill is below average. We could fit only 15 hamburger patties on its surface. For most occasions, that is more than enough space, but it’s something to consider if you are accustomed to feeding large groups of people. The warming rack is also small and only accommodated up to five buns. Its cooking space is expanded with the side burner, which allows you to cook side dishes of all kinds at the same time your meat cooks.


On the plus side, this grill is quite compact, so you can store it away in tight areas. The end table on the right folds down to economize space even more. Like other Broil King grills, this one looks bigger than it is. Its height of 45.5 inches is no taller than average, yet it seems taller because the handle is positioned higher than on most grills. The Baron is one of the heavier grills in our lineup at 154 pounds, which attests to its sturdiness, but it handles nicely and is easy to maneuver around the yard, despite its heft.


The Broil King Baron is made of sturdy, durable materials. The grates are cast iron, and the dual-tube burners are stainless steel. The burners are designed so that the flame is continuous from the front to the back of the burner, which largely accounts for its even heat distribution. It operates on Broil King’s patented cooking system that is designed to vaporize drippings and infuse the liquid back into the meat as vapor, which enhances the flavor. We can’t necessarily confirm that the meat is better as a result of this system, but we can say it was tasty and well cooked.


This grill has four swivel casters supporting the stand, which you can lock into place or release if you need to move it. There are leg levelers on each of the wheels to further stabilize it if you are on an uneven surface. You can purchase a number of Broil King accessories, including a skewer rack, a cutting board, pizza baking tools and a rotisserie kit. The oven portion of this grill is placed high so that the optional rotisserie fits nicely above the main grilling area, so you can roast while you grill.


Broil King offers a 10-year warranty on the stainless steel burners and a two-year warranty on the other parts. Burners are the most important component of any gas grill, and it is important to have a long warranty to ensure that you can use your grill for as long as possible.


The Broil King website has a helpful FAQs section and an online manual. Almost any question you may have about the Broil King Baron is likely already addressed on the website. However, if you need direct assistance, you can reach Broil King representatives by phone and email.

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The Broil King Baron 440 is one of our top-rated gas grills. In our testing, it was slower to heat than some of the other grills in our lineup, but it grilled evenly and thoroughly with cast-iron grates that locked in the heat. The cooking space is smaller than those of most other grills, but the oven is designed for height so that you can easily roast meat on a rotisserie as you grill meat down below. This affordable, well-constructed grill provided one of our best overall grilling experiences.