KitchenAid One-Touch KMT423CS Review

The KitchenAid One-Touch is an automatic toaster that comes in a two-slice and a four-slice model. A motorized carriage raises and lowers the bread during the toasting cycle. There are no levers for you to push down; you simply start the toaster with the push of a button. The toaster has seven shade settings, and the shade indicator is digital. This let you get back to your desired browning level consistently. The digital display also serves as a progress indicator, so you’re aware of the time left in the toasting cycle.

The toasting slots are wide enough to accommodate large bagels. They are also great for artisan breads you slice yourself. The self-centering toasting slots will place the bread in the optimal browning position within the toaster. The KitchenAid One-Touch includes a reheating function that will take cold toast and heat it without browning it further. The bagel setting toasts only the cut side of the bagel and gently warms the heel side. The defrost setting thaws then toasts bread, so if you freeze your breads and pastries, you won’t have to wait for them to defrost before you pop them in the toaster.

The aesthetic design of the KitchenAid One-Touch is somewhat lacking. The toaster has a solid metal construction. However, the inlaid multicolor style is more typically found in cheaper toaster designs, and it tends to make this look like a less expensive model. The digital display and blue backlighting on the control buttons add a modern flare, but the overall aesthetic design doesn’t seem up to the square with the elite toasting functions included on this toaster.

The KitchenAid One-Touch has a hideaway cord, reducing clutter whether you store the toaster on the counter or in the cupboard.

The KitchenAid One-Touch has a one-year warranty. This is similar to other toaster warranties, but you also get a hassle-free replacement policy. In the United States, if the toaster should fail within the warranty period, KitchenAid will deliver an identical toaster to you free of charge. That new toaster you receive will also have a one-year warranty. KitchenAid provides good online support for its customers, including a digital copy of all user manuals and an email form so you can submit any questions you might have about the toaster.


The KitchenAid One-Touch includes top-level toasting functions and features, like automatic toasting cycles, a digital display, a progress indicator, and warming and reheating functions. The solid metal construction is nice, but the multi-color cross-section does make it look somewhat like a more basic electric toaster. The digital display provides you with precise browning settings consistently. While not rated as high as our top toasters, the KitchenAid One-Touch is still a very good automatic toaster option.

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