Best Coffee Grinder

Preparing good coffee requires much more than placing an instant envelope in a cup of water, but you already know this if you are a true lover of this infusion.

The aroma, the flavor, everything is part of an authentic gastronomic experience that you can live every day at home only if you have the best coffee grinder.

The experts assure that the infusion quality depends on many factors, such as the coffee maker and the grinding process. To do this, you need nothing more and nothing less than a coffee grinder since the taste of purchased ground coffee is not the same as ground coffee at home.

Now, both the ground beans’ size and the flavor obtained will depend on which coffee grinder you use for the process.

The palate of every coffee lover is different. That said, there is no single grinder that is best for everyone, but it depends on each person’s tastes and needs.

But it would help if you looking for a model made with stainless steel parts for durability and because it does not affect the like, with blades or conical wheels, and that is very easy to clean.

Making your ground coffee has excellent benefits, especially related to taste and aroma. If you have already used them before, then you understand what we are talking about, and if not, get ready to discover all the advantages of grinding your coffee:

The freshly ground coffee is incredibly aromatic, which makes the taste also more enjoyable and fresh. When we buy coffee already ground in the supermarket, what happens when the grain is broken, all those flavor particles are spread and lost little by little.

So, if the supermarket’s ground coffee already has that pleasant aroma, imagine the powerful and delicious aroma and flavor of a coffee that you have just ground at home.

It also helps make the coffee texture more appropriate and improves the longevity of your beans.

One of the advantages of eating fresh and natural food and avoiding processed and packaged foods is that you take advantage of the food’s nutrients and properties more fully.

When the ground coffee from the super reaches your cup, it has already gone through many processes and has traveled at least hundreds of kilometers, losing properties, nutrients, and vitamins along the way, in addition to drying out and could have artificial additives.

If you grind your own coffee, you make sure to take advantage of the bean’s direct product, without intermediaries.

This affects those most addicted to coffee, like our writing team. Those of us who love coffee and drink it every day almost always prefer it in a specific way and surely the same thing happens to you.

Having your own grinder helps you adjust things like grain density, complexity, or particle size in these cases. All of this allows controlling the final result.

You may not know that the stainless steel blades or grinding wheels of the grinder can also process dried fruits such as walnuts and other foods such as basil.

If you will be using it for this, remember to wash the blades thoroughly before making coffee. Here you will again notice the importance of a product that is easy to clean.

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In my counsel, this is a good grinder for home use. Unless you are looking to grind coffee beans on an industrial scale, this is the right choice.

Reading the reviews, it becomes clear that this model is of good quality. It contains up to 200 grams of coffee beans, has 17 different grind settings, and uses a balanced strawberry to do the grind.

Equipped with a black plastic casing, a red dial on the front, and a container to collect the ground grain, it allows grinding a quantity of 200 grams, enough for 14 cups of coffee.

Although we are not fans of plastic containers, this grinder is well worth it. Especially if you are looking for a grinder at a good price.

This Melitta brand coffee grinder gets very high marks, it is certainly good value for money, easy to use, and stays clean.


  • Highest current buyer satisfaction rating.
  • It allows different a wide degree of grinding so it adapts to any type of special coffee preparation.
  • It looks good and doesn’t take up much counter space.
  • It is effortless to use and also very easy to clean.
  • It is one of the quietest on the market.


  • Too much plastic

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If you are searching to grind your beans simply and cheaply, you may not find anything better than this coffee grinder with metal blades.

It has a Bosch electric motor perfect to release all the aroma of your coffee beans, an efficient and clean plastic casing equipped with well-sharpened stainless steel blades capable of cutting the coffee beans into an excellent powder.

The advantage of this grinder is to grind fresh herbs, spices, or nuts. The coffee container is generous and can hold up to 75g.

Wearing comfort is further increased by the power-on protection feature, which turns it on only if the cap is tightly fitted. The DR MILLS DM-7441 is perfect for use with a mocha pot or French coffee press. But also for espresso coffee machines.


  • Stainless steel sheet
  • Large capacity grinder
  • Includes a safety switch.
  • Works well for nuts too


  • Electric blade coffee grinder can burn the coffee bean

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If you are doing a little manual work, you can achieve the same with this grinder as with any of the electric grinders but at a much more affordable price.

One of the great benefits of the Henry Charles Manual Coffee Grinder is its quality and price. This grinder has been made to withstand daily use but is perfect if you grind weekly or maybe you just want to grind by hand when you’re on vacation and don’t want to bring your main coffee grinder because it’s too big.

It is true that you are facing a cheap coffee grinder but its qualities are more than decent. The entire housing is made of stainless steel and its grinding wheels have a ceramic grinding mechanism, they will allow you the degree of grinding you need for your coffee. It doesn’t matter if it’s for espresso or aeropresso.

Another benefit of this hand grinder is that it is less noisy than any electric grinder. Therefore, if you wake up early and do not want to disturb anyone, this type of grinder is the most indicated.


  • Contains up to 200 grams of coffee beans,
  • has 17 different grind settings and
  • use a good quality bur for grinding.


  • It is somewhat flimsy and is not prepared to last

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Baratza Sette is one of the few great innovations in the mill market for years.

After a rocky start, it appears that the company has dealt with any issues related to weight dosage and stability.

The Sette 270 models have so many benefits over traditional grinders that if you’ve never used one you will love experiencing the lightning-fast grinding speed, and the fluffy grind it provides alongside a compact and striking design.

It’s very hard to find a better espresso grinder at this particular price, and that is why it is so popular.

In addition, this model is equipped with 40 mm vertically positioned conical grinding wheels that allow you precise grinding if you want to drink a Turkish coffee or an extremely fine espresso.


  • As fast as large commercial grinders due to the new backward burr design.
  • Less waste and grinding and fines waste due to minimalist design.
  • A true zero retention mill.
  • Elegant and modern design that makes it perfect for the countertop of any kitchen.


  • Just grind coffee to make espresso

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Perfect for those who travel or like to exercise. The Porlex Mini is a high-quality manual coffee grinder at a good price.

Equipped with high-quality conical ceramic grinding wheels, the Porlex Mini is characterized by a small profile, being easy to hold, and having a quick and smooth manual start.

On the other hand, the Porlex handle, which slides over the side loop, is shown in a usable position on top of the device. The Porlex handle is easily attached and detached for storage. The entire body is made of stainless steel, which means that it is highly resistant and durable.

This is indisputably one of the best options among the manual grinders that we have tested due to its small size and performance.


  • An abundance of configurations for any preparation method
  • Large hopper
  • Easy to grind


  • It is less portable than other grinders
  • Somewhat high price

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I think this model should be deliberated by all serious coffee drinkers, who truly understand and admire the difference a fresh grind can make, alongside the right amount of coffee, with the right grind, this grinder is yours.

It will provide you with the perfect grind consistently and regularly every day.

In most good-quality strawberry mills, you can adjust the settings to get the right grind for the type of coffee you are making. Most of these grinders will do a decent job of adjusting the grind. However it is a very precise machine, and this makes a difference.

The other important thing to notice is the consistency of the routine. This Sage coffee grinder offers a wide range of 60 grind levels, but it can also consistently and regularly deliver them. For people who love to drink rich-quality coffee, that is a vitally important result.


  • Looks great and will stand out in any kitchen
  • Despite many features, it is very easy to use
  • A selection of 60 grinds and grind consistency
  • Silent when in use


  • It is an expensive option
  • Only recommended for the most demanding

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The Baratza Virtuoso + Burr Grinder is perfect for the coffee aficionado who values ​​a very consistent grind.

Its design is exquisite, it has the excellent grinding capacity and practical features that make it a winner among our selection of coffee grinders.

The Baratza virtuoso plus is the grinder to prepare for “Pour Over” coffee maker. We choose it for the precise control over your grind it offers so we can extract the best from every clean, smooth cup of coffee.

However, suppose you are obsessed with adjusting your espresso and adjusting your coffee machine to achieve the perfect espresso shot. In that case, this coffee grinder is probably not up to the task.


  • Constant grinding and lots of grind settings
  • Extremely convenient to use
  • High build quality can resist long-term wear and tear


  • Does not reach the ultrafine grind grade for Turkish coffee

Before you buy one of these devices and sit down to grind the coffee, you must make sure you choose a cool model that is worthwhile, with durable materials and that has the functions, capacity, and all the versatility and convenience that you need

But how to evaluate these aspects? In this section we will give you a cable so you know what things your next coffee grinder should have:

Good quality coffee grinders can consistently grind the beans, meaning that all beans are ground to the same fineness and thickness. This prevents you from having areas of the coffee with more lumps or thicker pieces than others.

The importance of this is that this way you ensure that the coffee maintains a good aroma and flavor, a consistent flavor. Remember that you can have the best type of coffee in the world, but if the processing and preparation are wrong, you will be wasting it.

As with any other product, the capacity you need will clearly depend on the amount of coffee you usually consume. If you like to grind coffee beans just before preparing them to preserve the aroma and other properties, then see if it can handle the amounts you need for your cups.

If there are many coffee drinkers in your home or you just usually drink loads of coffee every day (don’t worry, we don’t judge, we love it too), then you should choose a model with a large capacity so that no one is going to be left without a delicious cup.

Capacity and size are closely related since there cannot be a small and compact coffee grinder, but a large capacity. However, it is important to separate the capacity by its implications in terms of organization, decoration, and space in your kitchen.

In these cases, having a smaller worktop or a smaller space to place appliances and appliances, you will undoubtedly need a slightly smaller coffee grinder. These smaller machines have less capacity and are also often simpler because they will not have as many functions.

However, if you are unused to drinking a lot of coffee or do not plan to grind your beans as often, a smaller-capacity grinder will not be a problem.

Come on, we know that among so many options on the market, we are often tempted to buy the most advanced and sometimes expensive. But, as you may have seen in our comparison, it is not always necessary to spend too much paste on a coffee grinder, since there are quite affordable models that can offer you the best value for money.

Is that prices can go from 20 $ for a manual model of a couple of cups of capacity, others of 50 turkeys with about 200 grams of capacity, and others that already exceed 80 100 $, but have enough power they can store more than 250 grams of coffee. They are high-end models.

Size or capacity aside, there are many other things to think about that affect a coffee grinder’s convenience and practicality. One of them is the ease of cleaning since every so often it is recommended to clean the blades so that there are no traces of coffee stuck that could damage the operation. You should also see how easy it is to install and use each time.

In turn, think about whether you need to take it with you on a trip or not, and even if you are one of those who likes to fiddle with each button on each device they have and discover all the possible functions and settings, or if you are a little more simplistic. and you prefer to touch a couple of buttons and have the machine take care of the rest.

All these aspects are fundamental, but you will only know how to choose them yourself based on your expectations.

Among the materials you will always have the option of plastic, remember that it is the cheapest material and, if it is not a quality or high resistance plastic, it will tend to peter in a short time. The grinding mechanism generates a lot of pressure, so other materials such as ceramic or stainless steel will be more durable and reliable.

As for ceramic, it is powerful and resistant, also often difficult to find spare parts, which are also relatively more expensive than in coffee grinders made of other materials.

Finally, there is stainless steel, which stands as the best option in most cases. It is straightforward to clean, in addition to not adding flavors or modifying them, as can happen with plastics, and its spare parts and replacements are usually less expensive and easy to obtain.

It is always worth reading other users’ opinions, worse not to walk away as soon as you see the first complaint, but to have a critical eye and know how to look at things that are signs of poor quality or that the product simply does not measure up.

If you see that several users complain about the same aspect, you know that something has gone wrong and should stay away from that product.

As you may have seen in so many options, coffee grinders come in different styles and different operating mechanisms. So choosing the right type will be another essential consideration.

The coffee grinders’ toothache or burrs are the most common for home use and work with a series of gears or strawberries grinding coffee as it passes through them, leaving a fairly consistent result, and with the possibility of choosing different grind levels.

However, they usually cost a few bucks more than other mechanisms since they are a bit more complicated. Simultaneously, it is not so easy to get spare parts for the gear system, and the installation is not very simple, which will surely cost you a bit of labor.

There are also two main distinctions within this type of coffee grinder depending on the type of burrs or strawberries used. The first models used disc or flat burrs, which let the grain pass between them, at 90º angles.

The main problem is that they often retain part of the grains and do not finish going down to the container. To make yourself a good coffee cup, you will have to use a few extra beans to compensate.

Then came the conical burrs, which, as you may have guessed, are cone-shaped and allow the grains to go down in a slightly more natural way, taking advantage of gravity, and avoiding retaining so much grain. In turn, they are easier to clean and maintain, cost less, and are also significantly quieter than disk drives.

These models go with blades like a blender, so in the end, the processing of the grain is quite indiscriminate and uneven. This results in, you guessed it, a product of uneven consistency, which we already know affects the texture, flavor, and aroma of coffee.

One way to avoid this is to run the grinder many times to finish breaking those grains that have been large. But this will cost you time and effort. Due to its simplicity, this design results in the most affordable grinders.

There are unusual differences between the two models. The first is that obviously electric grinders are more complex and have a higher cost since they involve more parts and electronics. Manual grinders are much simpler since they simply have a crank and grinding wheels or burrs’ internal system.

Now, an advantage of the manuals is that they do not require any initial adjustment, while the electric ones do. Once you adjust them, you just have to touch a couple of buttons so that the device does everything without wasting your time operating any crank. They are a real pass.

With electric coffee grinders, good quality burrs, or grindstones best results are also obtained in terms of consistency and flavor. The process is more effective and less aroma and grains are lost.

With manual coffee grinders, you have to get practice to achieve consistent results and grind the beans to the point you want, giving more than one pass in many cases. However, they can provide better results than electric blades.

Now, the point where manual grinders continue to beat their electric rivals is portability. What happens is that if you go on a trip, camping, or on any other adventure, you can always take a manual coffee grinder and enjoy a good cup of freshly ground coffee.

Freshly ground coffee preserves all its properties, so you will enjoy an infusion with a fresh aroma and an intense flavor without going to a professional barista. If you have ground more coffee than necessary, don’t worry, you can keep it in an airtight jar.

Convenience is another advantage of buying a coffee grinder. Not only does it allow you to prepare a quality infusion in minutes, but its small size will allow you to take it with you wherever you go.

On the other hand, the existence of manual, old or electric coffee grinders offers you the possibility to choose between a wide variety of designs and features based on your economic possibilities and aesthetic tastes.

Remember that they are a great option to give to amateurs, experts, or collectors. Forget instant or packet coffees: grinding your own coffee is the trend.