Nixplay Signage 8 Inch – Nixplay Signage Review

Nixplay Signage 8 Inch
Nixplay Signage 8 Inch

The Nixplay Edge, our  Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner for digital photo frames, gives you access to your photos wherever they are, whether on an SD card, jump drive, or social media account, and it makes them look great. It earned high scores in our tests for its photo reproduction. As a Wi-Fi digital photo frame, it offers a permanent solution for organizing and sharing your photos. With access to cloud storage, you have vast amounts of space and easy ways to organize all of the photos you store.

The photos this Wi-Fi picture frame recreates look crisp with accurate colors. Some of the test photos looked a little washed out, though, which lowered its score a bit. Overall, our test photos looked good, and there is internal storage with this frame, which is not all that common in our digital picture frame reviews. You will likely store and organize your photo collection online with this frame, but the option for local storage is nice, especially for your favorites.

The Edge makes a great gift for someone who isn’t that technologically savvy. After initial setup, you can control a lot of this frame from a remote computer anywhere in the world. You can also control several Nixplay frames from one online account, which is not the case with many other wireless digital frames. You can add photos and choose the time for a frame to turn itself off, whether or not you are in the same time zone as the frame.

The Edge outshines the other top two products in our wireless digital frame reviews with its motion sensor. Edge only shows pictures if it senses someone is in the room. That saves energy and just plain makes sense. There is no need to share slideshows with an empty room.

This electronic picture frame loses a little of its user-friendliness with its included stand, though. If you display this frame on a wall using the pre-drilled holes, you will not even notice, but a smaller, 8-inch model like the one we tested is more likely to end up on a desk. You just get the one viewing angle, because the stand is not adjustable. This is irritating, especially since the angle seems too close to 90 degrees. Also, the frame is pretty easy to knock loose from its stand, which could lead to a fall from countertop height.

You can control many aspects of this frame from the online account, but it would be nice to have a few more choices. Some Wi-Fi digital photo frames allow you to choose from many different ways to transition between photos, but this one has just a handful. Other frames also offer more choices for the time spent displaying each photo. The Edge allows you to display a single photo for as little as five seconds or as long as 30 minutes. That sounds like a lot of flexibility, but some frames give you an option of displaying each photo for up to 24 hours.

Nixplay is great for customer service. Those who staff the live chat are eager to help as soon as you get on the website, and the one-year warranty on this frame offers some peace of mind. The website is designed in a way that makes it easy to find answers to any question about Nixplay products, including the Edge.

The picture is not quite perfect with the Nixplay Edge, but it is really close. The ability to control and store your photo collection online is wonderful. After an initial setup period, you can add photos to this frame and change the settings from anywhere in the world. This product easily fits in among the best wireless digital frames, offering a nice selection of lower-tech options too, including internal storage and the ability to play photos from a jump drive or camera card.